LeeAnne Locken Threatens to Strangle Cary Deuber: 'They're Just Hands, But They Work Quite Well'

LeeAnne Locken had a lot to say about Cary Deuber and her husband Mark Deuber in a behind-closed-doors Real Housewives of Dallas rant

LeeAnne Locken promised fans and her Real Housewives of Dallas costars that she had turned over a new leaf this season, even going to therapy to get a hold of some of her anger management problems.

But on Monday’s episode, it looked like “the old LeeAnne” was back in full force when — frustrated over digs costar Cary Deuber had made about her plastic surgeon — Locken popped off and promised that Deuber’s words were going to get her “in big trouble.”

“Why is it so f—— important to Cary to come for me all the time?” Locken asked friend Brandi Redmond while waiting in the office of Dr. Robert True hours before having her breasts redone. “Because I’m gonna do something. She’s gonna come for me one day, and it isn’t gonna be pretty.”

“I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth,” Locken continued. “I grew up with a lot of things in my hands, and they’re not knives, they’re just hands. But they work quite well.”

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They were big threats to make to Deuber, who is a registered nurse and operative assistant to her plastic surgeon husband Mark. But Locken felt that Deuber had thrown the first punch by claiming Dr. True wasn’t board-certified as a plastic surgeon.

“He’s triple board-certified,” Locken said in defense of Dr. True. “He’s a board-certified OBGYN, a board-certified plastic surgeon and a board-certified hormone replacement specialist. He is a great guy even though Cary has issues with him. He handles all of my hormones. He does all of my botox.”

“I didn’t bring up surgery around her especially because I didn’t want her disrespecting my doctor. And what does she do? Disrespect my doctor,” Locked added to Redmond. “Do you remember when you had your ‘Mommy Makeover?’ How bad did she make you question the doctor? If it was just me it would be one thing but I remember you being so upset and freaked out and worried that you weren’t going to the right doctor. And did your surgery turn out okay? So what’s the f——- point? You can’t slam every doctor in town just because your husband is a doctor.”

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Strangling wasn’t the only threat thrown Deuber’s way in Locken’s behind-closed-doors rant, though. The 50-year-old, newly engaged reality star also claimed Deuber’s husband Mark had been involved in sexual experiences with other men.

“Her husband gets his d— sucked at The Round-Up,” Locken said, naming a popular country-western gay bar and dance hall in Dallas. “I know the boys who did it.”

Her allegations about Mark were shocking, but it was the threat of strangling that left Redmond ultimately worried for her friend, Deuber.

“It’s not normal to sit there and threaten people’s lives,” she confessed to viewers before later claiming Locken “was spitting my face as she was saying it and her eyes were delusional.”

She then told Deuber about the threats, though she decided not to bring up the defamatory comments made about Mark.

“It’s none of my business, it’s nobody’s business,” Redmond explained. “It’s only going to hurt Cary if I start spreading it around. But threatening somebody’s life? It should be on our radar.”

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Deuber, for her part, was at her wits end.

“I’m so sick of this. Seriously? Last year it’s how I got my husband, this year she’s going to strangle me?” Deuber lamented. “You don’t threaten people. … I felt like we were in a good place, and then she flipped out on me. What do you even say to someone who has called you all these crazy names?”

Mark was equally frustrated.

“Again with the threats? What the hell is wrong with this crazy woman?” he asked his wife. “I’d like you to avoid her. She has no conscience whatsoever.”

Still, Deuber vowed to remain calm.

“I definitely am sacred but I’m not going to give her the power of acting scared. The more you feed the dragon, the bigger it gets,” Deuber said. “And she has nothing to lose.”

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In true Housewives fashion, Deuber and Locken found themselves together days later on a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. And while they avoided one another, Locken did admit to regretting her words.

“I’ve gone out of my way to be nice to her. But honestly, she starts those snide little comments. I have a guttural reaction to her,” Locken said. “The truth is, I’m my own worst enemy. I create my own downfalls.”

Despite not hearing Locken’s allegations about her husband, Deuber has already clapped back at anyone who makes any comments about his sexual orientation.

“Let’s shut that down right now. It’s not cool. … Change your viewpoint,” she wrote on her BravoTV blog in August when Mark was nominated for a Dallas Culture Map Style Mker. “Listen, it is immeasurably ignorant to say someone is ‘gay’ because they like style or art. We all have plenty of friends WHO HAVE great fashion sense and plenty who don’t. It has nothing to do with sexual preference and is very offensive and small-minded to think that way (let alone spew it directly at people like it even matters). I am so proud of my stylishly savvy husband in everything that he does. … At the end of the day, the most important thing here is love.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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