LeeAnne Locken Denies Her Fiancé Is Unfaithful as D'Andra Simmons Continues to Spread Claims

LeeAnne Locken's meditation bowl was working overtime on Wednesday's Real Housewives of Dallas, as friend of 10 years D'Andra Simmons once again confronted her about her relationship with fiancé Rich Emberlin

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LeeAnne Locken‘s meditation bowl was working overtime on Wednesday’s Real Housewives of Dallas, as friend of 10 years D’Andra Simmons once again confronted her about her relationship with fiancé Rich Emberlin.

Previously, Simmons had suggested that Locken and Emberlin were living “separate lives” and weren’t planning to walk down the aisle, despite getting engaged a year prior after nine years together. And though Locken laughed off the suggestion, Simmons still felt that Locken wasn’t being truthful.

“Everybody’s concerned, including me,” Simmons said. “You are not telling me anything. We talked for three hours last week and I got nothing. I’m concerned for you.”

“You guys do things separately and I was concerned because you’re not getting f—ing married,” she added. “I can’t get a straight answer out of you about anything. I call total bulls— about this, LeeAnne.”

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But rather than shrug off Simmons’ worries, Locken got stern. “Don’t be [concerned] because I’m going to tell you something: If I hear one more time that we lead separate lives, I’m going to go into a rage of fury that the f—ing meditation bowl cannot get me out of,” she said. “I live with my fiancé and I’m happy.”

“Call bulls— all you want, D’Andrea. I’m not doing this with you,” Locken added, before walking away. “I’m not doing this.”

Later, she told audiences why she had gotten so annoyed with Simmons. “Separate lives is offensive to me because it’s like he’s cheating on me,” she said. “It’s like he has another family in Chile.”

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That may not have been exactly what Simmons was saying, but it’s certainly what she was implying.

“I’ve heard from multiple people that Rich is unfaithful and I know that LeeAnne knows and she refuses to tell me,” Simmons told viewers. “LeeAnne has no idea that I’ve heard these rumors about Rich and I don’t want to be the one to call them out. Because if I point them out, then ultimately, it’s going to be my fault.”

“What am I supposed to say when someone comes up me and tells me a story about Rich being unfaithful?” she continued. “What am I supposed to say? I don’t want to come out and say this is what I’ve heard. I’m giving [LeeAnne] the opportunity to tell me first. … Best friends are supposed to be able to tell each other everything and LeeAnne is telling me nothing. and that is the most hurtful thing.”

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Locken never had the chance to address Simmons’ allegations about Emberlin’s infidelity directly on-camera, but she did deny the cheating claims in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

“While I am saddened that a cast member has gone below the belt and has falsely accused my fiancé of infidelity, the reality is that Rich and I are busy planning a wedding, working on all of the details, and beyond excited about our life-long love affair,” she said. “After last night’s episode, we laid in bed and laughed until we fell asleep.”

“And by the way — how could a pirate get away with cheating?” she asked, referring an eye patch Emberlin often wears. “Don’t you think he’s the only pirate in Dallas?”

Meanwhile, Simmons wasn’t the only one with questions. Locken’s longtime frenemy Brandi Redmond also had concerns — and asked Locken why she hadn’t set a date yet for her nuptials.

“I’m not hiding anything,” Locken insisted. “It’s not your business why I have’t set a date. It’s my business. Don’t act like you’re my friend and don’t act like you care about my life. Take a seat back in the peanut section and sit the f— down.”

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