'RHOD' 's Kameron Westcott Was Hurt Brandi Redmond Kept Her Baby Boy's Adoption a Secret

On Wednesday's all new Real Housewives of Dallas, Kameron Westcott told Brandi Redmond she felt "extremely left out" of her adoption news

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When Brandi Redmond adopted her son Bruin, she chose to keep it a secret from most of her Real Housewives of Dallas costars — something that left Kameron Westcott a little perturbed.

On Wednesday’s all new episode of the hit Bravo series, the SparkleDog food founder confronted Redmond, explaining that she felt “extremely left out.”

“I feel like everyone knew about the birth of her baby and I feel like I didn’t and I thought I was a friend,” she said, as the Dallas Housewives gathered for a girls trip getaway at her Beaver Creek family vacation home.

Days earlier, Redmond’s BFF Stephanie Hollman — who served a crucial role in Bruin’s adoption — threw a party at her renovated house, where Redmond announced the newest addition to her family.

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Westcott was at the event and nearly guessed Redmond’s big secret, but Hollman threw her off the track by lying that it was she who was going to be having another baby.

“I have to be honest, you could have just said, ‘Yeah, we have a surprise’ and not made me sit there and look like an idiot,” Westcott told Hollman, looking back on the event. “I was very conflicted and confused. I literally was generally happy. I’m so happy for you. And then when I found out it was Brandi, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I love games but I feel like this is not the game I wanted to play.”

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Later, when she brought it up again, Westcott barked back at claims from Cary Deuber that her feelings were “f—— stupid.”

Deuber was one of the people who had known about baby Bruin before the reveal, alongside Hollman. The other Housewives, LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons, were in the dark.

“You think it’s stupid that I didn’t know when she came down the stairs with a baby in her arms? That half of us didn’t know?” Westcott asked. “That’s not stupid that she kept it a secret. It’s a big deal.”

“It’s a lot to take in at one time when your friend comes down the stairs with a real life baby in her arms,” she added. “That’s hard. I felt like I wasn’t really her friend.”

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But Redmond wasn’t having it. “I don’t want to fight with anybody right now.,” she said, before leaving the table in tears. “I don’t. I don’t want to explain myself. I wasn’t trying to hide anything from you. It was just a matter of fact kind of thing.”

“Everything happened so fast with Bruin that I think I’m just very emotional,” she told audiences. “And then on top of it, I don’t owe anyone an explanation about what my family and I do. I don’t owe anybody anything. And besides, I didn’t think that Kameron and I were that close.”

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From there, things only got worse. Hollman attempted to defend Redmond, telling Westcott, “We’re not going to bash her about adopting a baby.” But Westcott misheard Hollman’s words as criticism she was “bashing a baby” and flew completely off the handle.

“Why would I ever say I’d bash her adopted baby, Stephanie? I would never do that. I’m a mother. Why would you just put words in my mouth?” she said. “Bashing a baby for being adopted? Absolutely not. That’s 100 percent not true.”

Though Hollman apologized, by episode’s end they hadn’t worked it out. In fact, Westcott was so mad she wanted Hollman to leave — something Hollman appeared happy to do.

“I wish I would have said the right words,” she confessed. “I don’t take back my thought [but] I’m not going to sit around and lick her a—— right now. I have better things to do. Like get the f— out of this house.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesday (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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