Has 'RHOD' 's Cary Deuber Finally Forgiven LeeAnne Locken for Threatening to Strangle Her?

They're just hands, but in the Real Housewives of Dallas season 3 premiere, LeeAnne Locken used them to make up with Cary Deuber

They’re just hands, but in the Real Housewives of Dallas season 3 premiere, LeeAnne Locken used them to make up with Cary Deuber.

The two longtime foes appeared to finally have a breakthrough in their tense relationship, when Locken met up with Deuber to apologize again for, well, for threatening to strangle her last season.

RHOD fans remember the scene clearly. Frustrated over digs Deuber had made about her plastic surgeon, Locken popped off and promised that Deuber’s words were going to get her “in big trouble.”

“Why is it so f—— important to Cary to come for me all the time?” Locken asked friend Brandi Redmond while waiting in the office hours before having her breasts redone. “Because I’m gonna do something. She’s gonna come for me one day, and it isn’t gonna be pretty.”

“I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth,” Locken continued. “I grew up with a lot of things in my hands, and they’re not knives, they’re just hands. But they work quite well.”

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Locken went on to suggest Deuber’s husband Mark had been sexually active with other men. “Her husband gets his d— sucked at The Round-Up,” Locken said, naming a popular country-western gay bar and dance hall in Dallas. “I know the boys who did it.”

Yeah, that didn’t go over well with Deuber. When Redmond reported what Locken had said, a war of words exploded. And though Locken apologized, both during the season and at the reunion, Deuber never seemed open to her apology.

Well, until Wednesday’s season 3 premiere.

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Meeting for coffee, Locken apologized again, telling her, “I want to be happy and I know I want you to be happy. … I’m really genuinely sorry. I genuinely am sorry. And I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to move on. You and I have so many mutual friends, it’s like, how can we not at least have some sort of decency.”

Deuber was concerned at first. “I’m not at the point where I want to be friends. I just, I’m still hurt,” she said. “I think where I’m at is I don’t want to be nervous to see you. I need to figure out if you can respect me.”

That made sense to Locken. She just waned to make sure there was transparency on both ends. “I feel like I’m going to say something and it’s going to get twisted off to somebody else and God knows what that’s going to f—— create,” she said. “We’ve done this round and round for three years and it’s not who I want to be.”

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When it was noted by Deuber that “actions speak louder than words and your actions have spoken,” Locken reminded her, “I’m going to keep owning those actions.”

“I don’t even want to talk about them because it makes me sick. There’s no reason to rehash. I want to be able to coexist and be in the same room,” Deuber said. “I have to be honest, I didn’t come here being like, ‘Oh my God, I want a friendship with you.’ I just want to be civil.”

“I want to be honest about that because I feel like last year I would have been like, ‘Oh sure.’ But this year, I’m not there,” she continued. “I feel like that’s something within myself I’ve had to really look in the mirror and be like, don’t sugarcoat s—. I’m just going to be honest and the person that I am. … No one’s going to intimidate me into being a doormat.”

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Her words gave Locken a lot of relief, who had said she was praying Deuber heard her trying so they can “try to move somewhere positive from here.”

“Cary and I have always struggled with being real with one another,” Locken confessed. “The fact that Cary is actually telling me real things and real feelings, this is not a Cary I’ve ever spoken to before.”

By the end of their coffee date, they cheered to being honest — Locken declaring, “Here’s my sword, I’m laying it down.”

And while Deuber may not have been ready to call themselves friends yet, when they met one another at D’Andra Simmons’ anniversary party a week later, they embraced in the best of ways.

“You and I are moving forward, not backwards,” Locken said.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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