"I've realized that there are all these things I have to face," Kary Brittingham said during The Real Housewives of Dallas finale on Tuesday
Kary Brittingham
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Kary Brittingham is coming face-to-face with her personal struggles.

During Tuesday's Real Housewives of Dallas finale, the ladies took a trip to Southfork Ranch, a historical landmark where CBS TV series Dallas was filmed — but Kary's destructive behavior forced the group to address and question the ongoing changes they had noticed in her demeanor.

After a night of hard partying, Kary and Brandi Redmond accidentally destroyed some property in the home during a drunken haze. The next morning, the duo apologized to the site manager and vowed to repair the damage. But that wasn't enough for her fellow Housewives, who had noticed a recent change in Kary.

"This is a museum; you can't be destroying somebody's property," D'Andra Simmons told Kary during a group breakfast the next morning. "Last time it was the salsa bed, that was somebody's house," she continued, referring to the incident during which Kary poured salsa over Kameron Westcott's bed as a joke after a night of drinking.

"If we did that to your house and started tearing things apart because we were drunk, you would've been ballistic," added D'Andra, 52. "It's over and over and over again."

"To be honest, what's going to happen next?" Kameron, 38, asked.

Kary Brittingham
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Apologizing, Kary, 40, said, "Okay, I am sorry."

"Kary, it's a pattern," D'Andra pointed out. "It goes on and on. When you drink, you misbehave."

"Okay, well maybe I won't drink," said Kary. "Last night was completely an accident. I normally don't do stuff like that."

Kary Brittingham
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"I think if you felt like I was doing stuff out of character, I hope you would say something," Stephanie Hollman said. "I've been at that place in my life where I have done stuff out of character, where I've been going through a really hard time and I try to just drink and have a good time and try to escape something."

During a confessional, Stephanie said that Kary was "not acting like herself," sharing that "when you are acting out, usually there is something behind it you're trying to cover for."

Vowing to do better, Kary told the group, "I will change my behavior," explaining that she "was thinking tonight I don't want to drink. I don't need alcohol to have fun."

After the women wrapped up breakfast, D'Andra pulled Kary aside for a one-on-one chat.

"I'm sorry if my delivery is not always the best," she said. "I'm worried about you because, like you said, that's not your normal behavior. I'm trying to talk to you because I care about you and you're my friend. I want the best for you."

Kary Brittingham
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An emotional Kary admitted, "I hate hurting people."

She then went on to open up about what she was feeling and struggling with. "I just need to process everything because I've had a really tough year. I'm trying to be very strong for my kids and everything with coronavirus. Eduardo [Kary's husband] just texted me that he doesn't feel good so I don't think that he's going to be able to come tonight. Since I was little, I always had to be strong, be the parent I didn't have. I don't know if it's me turning 50 or me finally talking to my mom ... I've been holding on to so much all these years. Whenever I'm with you girls, I just want to escape all the stress."

"I've been drinking more than normal, I guess, because it's all the stress," she added.

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Speaking to cameras, Kary acknowledged that she needed to take time to self-reflect.

"I've realized that there are all these things I have to face," she said. "Me keeping all of this inside is not working. I need to figure out why I'm not happy."

In a teaser for the upcoming reunion, host Andy Cohen addresses Kary's change in behavior and asks if everything is okay in her marriage with Eduardo.

Breaking down in tears, Kary says, "We just told the kids."

Part one of the two-part Real Housewives of Dallas reunion begins Tuesday, May 4 at 10:30 p.m. ET on Bravo.