'RHOD' : D'Andra Simmons Enrages LeeAnne Locken After Criticizing Her 'Complicated' L'Infinity Dress

"So if you didn't want to fight with me why did you go out of your way to buy my dress and make fun of me?" LeeAnne Locken said

Just as the ongoing feud between LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons was beginning to settle, the drama continued on Wednesday’s Real Housewives of Dallas.

During the episode, Simmons wore an L’Infinity dressa dress Locken designed in 2018 and can be worn 175 different waysand ranted about how difficult it was to piece together.

“We had a hard time,” Simmons told Locken, 52, and the group. “It’s too long. It came apart. It was like an hour and a half to try and figure it out.”

Added Kary Brittingham, “It was very complicated.”

Although Simmons and Brittingham shared their critiques of the dress, Stephanie Hollman came to Locken’s defense.

“There’s a difference between a joke and a joke at someone’s expense,” Hollman told cameras. “What they’re doing is, it’s a joke and LeeAnne’s a punch line and that’s not cool.”

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Eventually, Brandi Redmond stepped in and asked Simmons why she was picking on Locken.

“I bought the dress to support you, but I can’t figure the dress out,” Simmons said.

“D’Andra, you wanted to do it as a joke,” Brittingham responded.

From Simmons perspective, wearing the dress was done in jest. “I wanted to be funny and surprise you and make you laugh because I knew you’d think I’d never wear it,” said Simmons.

Locken then questioned the group, “Does everyone think it’s funny?” which was met with silence.

“It was complicated,” admitted Brittingham. “It needed instructions. And I was just being honest. It was really a pain in the ass to put on.”

Fed up, Locken decided to leave the dinner table, but eventually came back to address Simmons.

“I think that you meant to embarrass me, and I know Kary did,” said Locken. “And the thing about it is, if we didn’t embarrass me by trashing my husband enough last year, this is just the icing on the cake.”

“They don’t have the f—ing b—- to be f—ing honest,” Locken told Hollman after leaving the dinner table for the second time. “You want to be passive aggressive and let me take it but you don’t have the b—- to be. Come on Mexican, I thought you were all Mexican and strong. F— that b—-, you ain’t survive s—. And I’m tired of it.”

In her confessional, Locken said that she was trying to keep the drama in the past.

“I keep trying to move forward with D’Andra,” Locken told cameras. “So if you didn’t want to fight with me, why did you go out of your way to buy my dress and make fun of me?”

Last month, Locken hurt Simmons by calling her a “fat cow.”

“I was disappointed of course and a little bit hurt because LeeAnne knows my triggers,” Simmons said. “I’ve struggled with my weight, I’ve talked about that openly. She went to one of those below-the-belt places that I just thought was really a low blow. There wasn’t a reason to do that.”

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Locken made the comment behind Simmons’ back after she was confronted about why she hadn’t invited her former friends to her bachelorette party. “[I’m getting yelled at] because the great and almighty fat cow isn’t here to be worshipped,” Locken had said.

After the episode aired, Locken said on Twitter that she reached out and apologized to Simmons.

“She called me and left a message,” Simmons told PEOPLE.

“I have not spoken to her because I feel like, she had said some hurtful things the night before that on Twitter,” Simmons added. “Instead of just saying ‘I’m sorry,’ she kept on and on, saying, ‘Well you did this.’ It’s always tit for tat. Sometimes it needs to just be, ‘I’m sorry.’ “

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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