'RHOD' : D'Andra Simmons Denies Mother's Claim She Changed Her Last Name to Benefit Her 'Financially'

D'Andra Simmons got into a heated argument with mom Dee Simmons over the real reason she decided to change her last name

D'Andra Simmons.

D'Andra Simmons is addressing some underlying issues she has with her mother, Dee Simmons.

During Tuesday's Real Housewives of Dallas, the cast gathered to celebrate Tiffany Moon's Moroccan-themed birthday, where D'Andra confronted her mother about some family rumors — and the real reason why she decided to change her last name from Callaway to Simmons.

"If your stepfather was Glen Simmons, why is your last name Simmons?" Jennifer Davis, a friend of the group, asked D'Andra.

D'Andra then directed the question to her mother. "Mom, I want you to explain to Jen. Why did I change my name?" she said.

"Because you said that Simmons can take you a lot further than Callaway can," Dee responded.

An irate D'Andra fired back, "That's not true," telling her mother, "I would never do that. Are you f---ing really kidding me? You're crazy."


"I would appreciate if you quit saying those words," Dee told D'Andra. "I'm going to tell you exactly what happened. I'm telling you what your father told me, D'Andra."

In a confessional, Kameron Westcott explained that in the city of Dallas, "the last name Simmons is very recognizable."

"You see it on buildings, you see it on hospitals, you see it on colleges. There's always been rumors in town that D'Andra changed her last name to Simmons to benefit herself, to have more doors open for her, to have more job opportunities. Having known D'Andra for 15 years, I know she's extremely insecure about those rumors and she's constantly paranoid about it," added Kameron.

D'Andra Simmons

Continuing to argue with her mom, D'Andra said, "I did everything you wanted me to do. I'm going to f---ing go to hell and I'm going to lose my inheritance which I don't give a f--- about anymore. My mother is a f---ing bitch."

"Can somebody get my mic off so I can go home because D'Andra's having a heart attack," Dee asked the production crew.

As D'Andra continued to scream, Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman and Kameron approached her in an attempt to calm her down.

"When I changed my name from Callaway to Simmons, it was because my stepfather had taken care of me," D'Andra said. "My mother was like, 'You changed your name because you thought it'd be better for you financially.'"

Dee Simmons

Speaking to cameras, Dee said of D'Andra: "Either she forgot it, she's embarrassed about it, she doesn't want people to think bad about her." She added: "Whatever she thinks happened, that is okay with me. I remember it vividly."

In June 2016, D'Andra publicly referenced her name change, telling a fan in a tweet, "My father was of Scottish descent. My birth last name is Callaway. If he was alive I wonder what he would think! A lot! #Brexit."

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Two years later, D'Andra — who has previously had open arguments with her mother about family business and finances — opened up to Andy Cohen about her strained relationship with her biological father.

"My father committed suicide when he was in a drunken rage, so it's really upsetting for me to have that conversation," she said at the time. "He was always an alcoholic. I grew up with an alcoholic father. That for me is a sensitive topic."

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