D'Andra Simmons Claims LeeAnne Locken's Fiancée Doesn't Want to Marry Her: 'It's Embarrassing'

LeeAnne Locken isn't in a rush to wed fiancé Rich Emberlin, and her Real Housewives of Dallas costar D'Andra Simmons wants to know why

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LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons have taken a break from their friendship, and it could have something to do with what Simmons said about Locken’s fiancé Rich Emberlin.

On Wednesday’s Real Housewives of Dallas, Simmons had a frank conversation with Locken during a cast dinner in Beaver Creek — asking her longtime friend why she and Emberlin hadn’t yet made any wedding plans.

The couple have been together for more than nine years and have been engaged for more than a year.

Locken, 51, had her reasons for the delay in planning, which she tearfully admitted.

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First, she explained that Emberlin’s loss of sight in his right eye had caused him to struggle emotionally.

“At the moment, why I haven’t pushed to move forward with a wedding date is that it’s been very difficult with him being blinded,” she said. “Here’s the thing, he’s not in a happy place. It affects him and we are together. So I’m just being patient.”

Locken expanded on the problem then, admitting that it was she who was dragging her feet. “It’s me,” Locken said. “That’s the reason we’re not married. It’s me. It’s not him.”

“I’ve been single for 50 years,” she continued. “I’ve never been married before. Rich has been married three times. I have no doubt in my mind that this is my soulmate but I also don’t want to put him in a position where it’s going to make him want to divorce me and leave me. … He’s divorced three people so he’s obviously accepted that divorce is an option.”

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Drilling down into the problem, Locken admitted that she was “100 percent” afraid she was going to self-destruct her own relationship.

“That inability to believe that I deserve and am worthy is the reason I don’t push Rich to get married,” she said.

It was an admission that left Locken’s costars sending their support. “I don’t want you to feel that you’re going to self-destruct something because you’re a better person than that,” said Cary Deuber. “Whenever you decide your date, and whenever you decide that it’s right for you guys, you let us know.”

“I feel like we all will celebrate and we’re just so excited,” added Kameron Westcott.

But Simmons, 49, wasn’t buying any of this.

“Rich has been married before and my fear is that Rich gave her a ring to shut her up because I don’t think that Rich wants to be married,” Simmons confessed to audiences.

“I think it’s embarrassing for her that Rich has backtracked and doesn’t want to get married,” Simmons said. “So by saying, ‘Oh it’s me, I’m the one who doesn’t want to get married,’ it’s less embarrassing.”

She then confronted Locken saying, “I want to know what the f— is going on. You’re not telling me something. You need to get it together, bitch. Right now. Because you’ve been together for nine years. He loves you, you love him. If that’s not it, then you need to tell us what it is. I want to know what it is because I’m confused. I don’t know what the f— is going on anymore.”

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As harsh as she was, Simmons insisted she had Locken’s best interests at heart. “I would like to see LeeAnne get married to Rich and she’s scared,” Locken said. “I feel like she’s skirting the issue.”

Ultimately, Simmons let it go. And Wedding or not, Locken felt comfortable with where things stood in her relationship.

“LeeAnne has a very happy life,” Locken said, speaking in the third person. “And if she gets married, she gets married.”

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