D'Andra Simmons Claims 'RHOD' Costar LeeAnne Locken and Her Fiancé 'Live Separate Lives'

D'Andra Simmons had more questions about LeeAnne Locken's relationship with fiancé Rich Emberlin on Wednesday's Real Housewives of Dallas

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D’Andra Simmons had more questions about LeeAnne Locken‘s relationship with fiancé Rich Emberlin on Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

During a tense sit-down, the beauty industry businesswoman once again questioned Locken about why she and Emberlin had yet to set a date for their wedding — wondering whether Emberlin had been unfaithful.

“What is the truth?” asked Simmons, 49. “I know that you’re worried because Rich has been married before. Do you feel like he’s not going to stay married to you? Do you feel like he’s faithful?”

It was clear that Simmons was frustrated with Locken; not just because Locken had been dragging her feet ,but also because she had brought up concerns about Simmons’ financial problems in the past.

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She also had her own experience with infidelity. Simmons confessed that the person she was engaged to before husband Jeremy Lock had cheated on her. “We kept on telling the tale that we were going to get married and all of this stuff. But we led separate lives. I knew he was cheating but I let it happen,” she revealed.

“I don’t know if that’s what’s happening with LeeAnne and Rich, but I’m a little suspicious. … LeeAnne has been deflecting about her wedding and redirecting the conversation into something that’s happening in my life. It’s just total b——-,” Simmons said. “I’m asking her because I’m giving her the opportunity to tell me the truth. Anyone whose best friend is getting married and all of a sudden you’re back-pedaling, that’s the first thing you say. Is there another woman?”

“There’s been a lot of rumors about his relationships with other women,” Simmons added. “And if you’ve been with somebody as long as she’s been with him, you have to know.”

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Locken, who has been with Emberlin for more than nine years, certainly had her reasons for the delay. But none of them had anything to do with Emberlin allegedly being unfaithful.

“Come on,” she said, shrugging off Simmons’ question. “As many nights that I’m out and he’s at home?”

“Am I going to get married? 100 percent. I’m moving forward,” she insisted. “We’re looking at this year.”

But Simmons wasn’t done. “You guys do live separate lives,” Simmons said. “Jeremy said to me, ‘You know, LeeAnne and Rich spend a lot of time without each other. One’s at one place, one’s at the other place.’ … He doesn’t go with you.”

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That didn’t sit well with Locken. “It’s not true. He’s at home when I’m out,” she said. “I let him stay home, he has a choice. I don’t drag him everywhere. We’re not leading separate lives. He’s not having some life over here and I’m having some life over there. That’s ridiculous. I don’t make Rich do anything he doesn’t want to do and he doesn’t make me do anything I don’t want to do. We just respect each other that way.”

“[D’Andra] knows there’s no other couple on this planet who are more rock-solid than we are,” Locken continued to audiences. “And for her to sit there and even say this accusatory, inflammatory comment? I’m pissed.”

By the end of their chat, Locken was adamant that “nothing’s happening.”

“He hasn’t stayed married before,” she said, referencing Emberlin’s three previous marriages. “But I don’t know. I think he will stay with me.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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