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By Dave Quinn
August 27, 2018 10:00 PM
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Is there trouble brewing in Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador‘s friendship?

On Monday’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, Judge fought with her longtime BFF — causing Beador to storm off in anger.

“Too bad,” Judge said when costar Kelly Dodd pointed out that Judge had upset Beador. “This is so typical of Shannon. Shannon’s really good at making situations about her. Too bad.”

Days earlier, Judge had vented to her mother Sandy that she was feeling frustrated with Beador, especially as Beador continued to consult other people about her health and fitness.

Beador had gained 40 lbs. in the wake of her marriage troubles prior to her divorce with David Beador, and has been focused on losing the weight since. Judge, meanwhile, is a champion bodybuilder who owns an Orange County gym called CUT Fitness — but despite trying, hasn’t been able to help Beador drop the pounds.

“I wish Shannon would talk to me about [this]. It actually makes me mad,” Judge said. “She sees the healthy lifestyle that we live. Instead I’m going with her to pick out gym equipment and she’s hiring some trainer. We have trainers — we have one who can come to your house if you want. I just wish that she would trust me.”

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge
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Sadly, it wasn’t just that. Judge was also frustrated that Beador hadn’t been inquiring about some of the more sensitive things going on in Judge’s life, like her husband’s health troubles. On the contrary, Judge said she was always on the other end of the phone to hear Beador’s divorce woes.

“I take a lot with Shannon,” Judge said. “There’s a lot of dumping on me and telling me what’s going on and there’s a lot of negativity. I get off the phone and I’m drained. She never asks, ‘How’s Eddie doing? What’s going on?’ She never asks. She doesn’t care.”

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge
| Credit: Tamra Judge/Instagram

Judge may feel that way, but she never actually told that to Beador.

It was only when they discussed comments Beador had made comparing Emily Simpson‘s husband Shane to her ex-husband that Judge showed signs of her frustrations.

Days prior, Beador had heard that Shane had asked Gina Kirschenheiter to leave his house because she was being too loud when his kids were trying to sleep. As Kirschenheiter recounted the story to Beador, she mentioned that his behavior reminded her how her ex acted when they were married.

“When you were talking about that he was yelling or something, ‘Get out of my house’ or whatever, I could see that happen in my marriage,” Beador said. “I walked on eggshells around him because he would be upset if there was loud noise when the kids were trying to go to sleep.”

Emily Simpson
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Somehow, that innocuous comment got back to Emily. But after the game of telephone, Emily heard it as a claim that Shane was being abusive.

That’s not at all what Beador meant. “I apologize,” she told Emily. “I don’t think I did anything wrong. Everyone was making comments and I had no intent to hurt or judge. I would never mean to judge anyone’s marriage.”

“I would never use that word after allegations that were made about my husband,” Beador added, referencing a plot point of last season.

As all the Housewives discussed it at Vicki Gunvalson‘s birthday party, Beador mentioned that Judge had been the one to bring up Shane’s behavior in the first place.

That’s all she needed. “Don’t f—— blame it on me Shannon Beador. You said what you said,” Judge said. “You made the comment. The bottom line is, she’s protecting her husband. That’s her husband. When somebody talks about your husband it’s f—— hurtful. When somebody goes after your husband, as a wife, you get defensive. And she felt that.”

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While Judge was mad, Beador tried to defend herself.

“Tamra, I am not accusing you of anything,” Beador said. “I know [I said it]. Everyone said it. What’s upsetting to me is that I’ve got enough going on in my life right now, and they’re drawing me into their drama. When the topic was brought up, I made the comment. And later on I said, ‘I shouldn’t be projecting my marriage on to her.’ I didn’t go after her husband!”

Obviously, Judge didn’t agree. “She felt that [you went after her husband],” Judge said. “All you’ve ever told her is your husband is hurtful. I can tell you one thing. When you have a husband who you totally love and you’re in love with and you have a good relationship with, when somebody goes after him, it’s game on.”

In the end, Beador was distraught. “I don’t understand. Who is this person across from me? None of this is making any sense to me,” she said.

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