'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Judge's Psychic Says Brooks Ayers Is Lying About His Cancer

"I have a wishy-washy thing on ... the cancer issue I just don't see it," said Judge's spiritual adviser, Scott Cruz, whose words got back to Vicki Gunvalson on Monday's episode and sent her into a fury

Photo: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo

It has certainly been the season of the psychic for Bravo’s housewives, and on Monday’s The Real Housewives of Orange County another psychic made a shocking revelation.

“We have a friend, Vicki Gunvalson, her mother just passed and her boyfriend [Brooks Ayers] has cancer,” Tamra Judge asked her very sexy spiritual adviser Scott Cruz over lunch with Heather Dubrow and Meghan King Edmonds.

“She has a great heart,” Cruz started, before stopping, growing quiet and shutting his eyes. “Hold on Give me a second.”

Continued Cruz, who could sense Dubrow’s closeness with her late grandmother and Edmonds’ need to be more independent: “I have a wishy-washy thing on that … the cancer issue I just don’t see it.”

“He doesn’t have cancer?” asked Judge.

“It’s very possible,” he said.

“Who would fake cancer?” asked Dubrow. “I don’t have a place in my brain for that.”

“I knew somebody who did,” said Edmonds. “She got a lot of sympathy.”

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Cruz capitulated a bit, saying, “I’m not saying he is I don’t see it I think it’s too sensitive, and I don’t want to offend if it is there.”

But eyebrows were raised when Ayers, who visited the wives on his birthday following a group booty workout with Judge, said he was pausing chemotherapy to instead blast antioxidants and then referred to his cancer as something he “had” before amending that to “have.”

“It will just turn into a big, ugly fight [if I tell Vicki],” said Judge, who was beaten to the punch by Edmonds, who told Shannon Beador who then tearfully told Gunvalson over a birthday dinner with Brooks.

“I love you, and I love Brooks, and I don’t want to f— up his birthday,” she said crying. “It angers me.”

But it really angered Gunvalson, who refused to hear the information about Brooks but still stormed out of the dinner.

“Why are you crying, and I’m not crying?” yelled Gunvalson. “I don’t know what the f— is going on I thank you for trying to be honest, but I’m going to spare him he’s gone through the wringer dating me.”

Continued Gunvalson: “I’ve never been loved like I’ve been loved by this man. We’re out! This is bulls—! I’m out!”

Gunvalson announced on Facebook on Monday that she has now split with Ayers.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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