'RHOC' : Gina Kirschenheiter Feels 'Hurt' by Noella Bergener After Fighting on the Group's Cabo Trip

"I'm not comfortable in a friendship that I don't understand," Gina Kirschenheiter said of Noella Bergener on The Real Housewives of Orange County

Gina Kirschenheiter, Noella Bergener
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Gina Kirschenheiter is airing out her issues with Noella Bergener on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Wednesday's episode picked back up with Noella and Heather Dubrow's fight from the previous episode. Noella, 36, had previously accused Heather, 53, of giving her a "pity invite" to the group's current Cabo trip, but Heather had also taken issue with Noella for gifting her 17-year-old daughter Max an explicit card game.

At one point, Heather stood up to leave because Noella wasn't listening to her. Noella apologized for her actions, which Heather accepted before leaving the group.

Then, Noella turned her attention to Gina, who previously pleaded with Heather to allow Noella on the trip. When Emily Simpson asked the newcomer whether she had "animosity" toward Gina, Noella said: "100 percent."

"She's mad at me because I didn't tell her that Heather said that," said Gina as Noella replied, "Because you knew it for a week."

Gina was the next person to leave the table over a confrontation with Noella. "I can't do this anymore. Noella, I cared about you and I can't care anymore," said Gina. Emily, 46, later followed Gina inside after Noella advised her to check on her.

While inside the vacation home, Gina broke down in tears while speaking to Emily about the fight. Gina said she's "upset" because Noella constantly attacks people.

"We're not taking sides," she said. "We're on everybody's side."

After the group returned to California, Emily discussed her issues with Noella during a lunch with Heather. Emily said she was "disappointed" by Noella's behavior at the time.

"The thing that really bothered me is for her to take that situation between you and her and make it about how I betrayed her in some way," Gina said. "I don't like when people question my integrity and my character. ... For me, it was like, 'But I've been supportive of you this entire time. What have I done that has given you any indication that I would be somebody who would flip on you?' "

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Chiming in, Heather said: "You can feel really terrible for what someone is going through and still be protective of yourself [and] your family."

"I haven't reached out to her," Gina replied. "I can't support somebody who doesn't trust me."

When Emily, Noella and Shannon Beador later got together for drinks, Emily suggested Noella talk it out with Gina.

"Once we have a conversation, it'll be over and done," Noella told the group, adding that Gina "doesn't respond to phone calls" she had made.

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Gina eventually confronted Noella as the group gathered for a game night at Emily's home. In front of the other women, Gina said: "I'm just being honest, you hurt my feelings."

The pair chose to have a private conversation about their issues, in which Gina explained what "upset" her the most.

"The thing that upset me was at the dinner the last night [in Cabo] was the fact that you didn't trust me," Gina said. "I felt like you thought immediately I was doing something bad to you. [Heather] is allowed to tell you that she thought the gift was inappropriate."

Noella responded, "I'm allowed to listen to it and you guys don't need to be like, apologize, apologize, apologize."

"I need to listen to her," Noella continued. "In that moment, to be my friend is to let me handle the conversation."

Noella then sparked confusion in Gina upon saying she "felt a betrayal" from her. Because of that, Gina suggested she "take a step back" so that they can "build a normal friendship."

"I don't really know how to handle my friendship with Noella," Gina then said in a confessional. "I'm not comfortable in a friendship that I don't understand. I want off the crazy plane, even if it is private."

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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