"I'm emotionally exhausted," said a weeping Brandi Glanville, whose fractured friendship with Lisa Vanderpump took center stage all season

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Before The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stroll into the setting sun on Rodeo Drive until next season, there was time for a few more diamond-studded fights on the reunion finale.

Life certainly wasn’t all diamonds and rosé for Lisa Vanderpump, whose fractured friendships were front and center all season, and who felt ganged-up on during the reunion.

Leading the attack was Kyle Richards, who once compared Vanderpump to chess player Bobby Fischer due to all her strategizing and who was still miffed at Vanderpump for bringing up the tabloid cheating rumors about her husband.

“It’s been a whole f–––ing season of lies about my husband who doesn’t deserve it,” said an infuriated Richards, 45. “It hurt me and tormented me and made it a storyline. I have small children who hear talk at school Can you never say, ‘I’m sorry, and I apologize’? At least admit one thing you’ve done wrong.”

“I apologize for bringing up [the tabloids] on camera,” Vanderpump, 53, finally admitted.

It was then Brandi Glanville‘s turn to take on her bygone bestie.

“I feel like I’m being cheated on all over again by the same woman,” said a crying Glanville, upset by Vanderpump’s continuing friendship with Scheana Marie, who Glanville claims cheated with her former husband Eddie Cibrian while she was pregnant. “I’ve been angry, I’ve been jealous, I’ve been hurt.”

“Scheana’s not a friend to me,” said Vanderpump.

“I can say I’m wrong, but you can’t,” said Glanville.

“Why do you want to be my friend?” asked an icy Vanderpump.

But there seemed to be a happy ending on the horizon when the husbands joined the reunion.

“We decided to pull away a little bit,” Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, said to Glanville. “I don’t think I could ever let you back into my life and I forgive everybody.”

“Then I don’t want back in. I’m emotionally exhausted,” said Glanville, who began to bawl. “You know I love you.”

“I know that, but you have said some awful things,” replied Todd.

“It’s not nice to be dropped. I need someone to stay,” begged Glanville.

“Okay, maybe I could let you back in,” he replied, getting misty-eyed. “I don’t like to see a woman cry.”

“Seeing her cry makes me cry,” an emotional Vanderpump said at the end of the show.

So, until next season, here’s hoping the wives restock their waterproof, tear-proof mascara.

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