The 'RHOBH' Cast Flies All the Way to Dubai and Lisa Rinna Still Can't Stop Talking About Yolanda Hadid's Lyme Disease

One thing Rinna did want to make clear about Hadid: "I do not question her being sick"

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Nineteen hours and more than 8,000 miles later, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies finally arrived in Dubai for the season’s second trip.

And on Tuesday night’s episode, everything was beautiful! Everyone was wearing muumuus! Kyle Richards “finally did something right for once” with the hotel she had booked for all of them (according to Lisa Vanderpump, who delivers her jokes, her compliments and her insults all in the exact same tone of voice, so how can anyone even tell the difference?).

Then, of course, everyone began to fight.

That’s not quite right, but basically: Richards and Vanderpump, along with Eileen Davidson, Kathryn Edwards, Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi, gathered in one of their incredibly beautiful hotel suites at the episode’s end, all in flowing frocks and with glasses of wine, and began to take in Dubai.

Then, of course, someone brought up Yolanda Hadid.

Girardi told Rinna that she wished Rinna would have been able to make it to New York City earlier, to see Hadid speak at a charity gala for people with Lyme disease.

“That maybe would have answered some questions for you perhaps,” Girardi told Rinna – in the politest euphemism all season for what at this point has become a very abstract, if very animated, set of opinions on Rinna’s part about Hadid’s Lyme disease diagnosis.

Rinna has in the past certainly talked a lot about Hadid’s illness, and how Hadid has handled herself while ill, and even talked about how other people have talked about how maybe Hadid doesn’t have Lyme disease at all!

But in Dubai, Rinna wanted to be clear: “I do not question her being sick.”

Rinna’s issue, she said, was that she felt Hadid used her illness as a “shield” or a “pass.” Rinna was also still very upset – “enraged,” even – over Hadid’s decision to have lunch with Brandi Glanville, seemingly as though she chose to spend her few precious hours of energy with people that Rinna cannot stand.

Their friendship was boggling to Rinna. Just utterly baffling.

(Glanville pulled no punches herself, and back in California spit acid about Rinna to Hadid, in her Glanville way: “I think that wig glue is going to her brain.”)

Rinna wondered out loud if Hadid’s illness was any of her business? No, but that didn’t stop her from having thoughts worthy of sharing out loud.

“I think she’s doing the best she can,” Girardi said of Hadid, adding, she didn’t think it was fair to say Hadid was “using” her illness in selective ways.

And honestly no one else in the episode really seemed to care all that much about the whole thing. Except perhaps in the interest of getting Rinna to get it all out of her system so that it could be resolved.

Davidson, hearing Rinna’s many opinions, told her again that she just didn’t really understand Rinna’s depth of feeling on this issue?

Girardi put it in her own Girardi way, speaking to the camera: “Seems a little tiresome to always be so opinionated. It’s a 10 all the time.”

Next week’s episode promises to double-down, as is the way: At one point the women gather around a fire to share first impressions of one another.

Girardi, perhaps foreseeing all of this, said this on the episode – a valediction for this trip, this season, this series: “Night one and we’re really getting it going. Why can’t we have fun?”

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