'RHOBH' Season Finale: Yolanda Hadid Opens Up About Her Split from David Foster, Says 'I Still Love Him'

There were a lot of pots left to stir once the multi-part reunion starts next week

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It’s been four months since Yolanda Hadid announced she and her husband, David Foster, were splitting after nine years together – and it took nearly the entire sixth season for anyone on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to address it on camera.

This was mostly due to the logistics of shooting, but still: In the final 15 minutes of Tuesday’s season finale, the episode jumped forward two months, and suddenly it was all the women could talk about.

Hadid herself had candid thoughts to share, when she sat down with Erika Girardi in her new condo.

(The other women reacted with expected sympathy: Eileen Davidson thought the whole thing was terrible, and Lisa Vanderpump was convinced that it was Foster who had dumped Hadid, though Kathryn Edwards wasn’t so sure.)

“If you stop making each other happy, you shouldn’t be together,” Hadid told Girardi.

“It’s shocking. David was my life partner. My best friend. And I miss my best friend,” she said.

And: “Divorce is almost like a death.”

Still, Hadid seemed in some ways very Zen about the end of her marriage, even saying, “Just because the marriage didn’t work anymore, it didn’t change the fact that I still love him” – and then adding, “In time, David and I will be great friends.”

But she was mum on the specifics, leaving her castmates, and the audience, to wonder: Which of them was finished first? And why? It’s easiest to assume it was Foster who had had enough, not Hadid – but there are several assumptions built into that thinking (about what it’s like to have a spouse with a long-term illness, etc.) that are lazy, if not ugly. And Hadid’s comments had an almost … divorcée glow about them?

Muddying the waters, the finale included Hadid’s vague reference to how quickly things had changed in her life, and then a flashback to she and Foster together a few weeks before, seemingly happy, staring out over the water as the sun set.

“It’s gorgeous,” Hadid said of the moment (not adding, It’s over).

Elsewhere in the finale were the usual shenanigans, but little of the usual stasis that has characterized the latter part of this season. Lisa Rinna continued her issues with Vanderpump and Kim Richards, but resolved her issues with Hadid. And Richards and her sister Kyle were clearly in a healthy enough place that they are attending the same dinner parties.

Even Vanderpump – in a first – agreed with something that Faye Resnick said. (We know!)

Then Kathryn, perhaps craving revelation of her own, admitted by the hour’s end that she needed to be “softer.”

All of that to say: Lots of different pots to stir once the multi-part reunion kicks off next week, and no fewer than several different questions for Hadid about her marriage’s end.

Will they be respectful and cathartic, instead of tacky and probing? Will the Lisas have a détente? Will Girardi come back to Atlanta so we can become best friends?

Let us pray.

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