Hadid became the first cast member to walk off set during the first part of this season's reunion

By Adam Carlson
Updated April 19, 2016 11:15 PM

Of course Yolanda Hadid was the first cast member to walk off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ season 6 reunion on Tuesday. And of course it was because the rest of the women were talking about her Lyme disease diagnosis. And of course by “the rest of the women,” we mean Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump.

The whole thing was so strange! They both cared so deeply about Hadid’s illness, and how she has portrayed herself on social media while she has been ill. And for … what?

Andy Cohen even tried to get to the bottom of it, but to no avail: There was nothing to illuminate (at least based on the footage we saw; maybe all the revelations got left on the cutting room floor).

“The way it ebbs and flows is obviously confusing,” Vanderpump said, referring to how Hadid was not constantly sick, as one imagines sick people must always be.

(Kyle Richards, who keeps saying she has no opinion on any of this but keeps ending up in these conversations anyway, said that while the women never questioned if Hadid was sick, they did wonder “also what was contributing to it.”)

“I felt at the time it was convenient –” Rinna began, before Hadid cut her off.

“No it wasn’t, trust me,” said Hadid.

So then Rinna cut straight to the point: the Munchausen syndrome conversation … and then all the conversations about the Munchausen syndrome conversation.

Why did Rinna ever bring it up in the first place? Did anyone coerce her? Who was involved with her in off-screen gossip about it?

This is the story she told Tuesday: Her good friend and hairdresser had a friend who had Munchausen, and so this hairdresser/friend (who is named Faye, but notFaye Resnick) had wondered if, maybe … Hadid had Munchausen?

Then the idea was planted in Rinna’s mind. But really the real reason she brought it up to the other women was because of Vanderpump.

Rinna claimed that it was at her own birthday party, after Hadid had come to visit and left again (sans makeup), and Vanderpump’s husband, Ken, remarked about how terrible Hadid looked.

(Not to her face, Vanderpump said Tuesday, as a justification.)

At that point, Rinna said, her husband, Harry Hamlin, declared that they should all be rallying behind Hadid in her moments of illness and need. And that’s when, Rinna said, Vanderpump said this:

“There goes our f—ing storyline.”

Vanderpump was shocked at this! She denied it all, adamantly, in that Vanderpump way where she said “no,” over and over again, like an incantation. But Rinna kept going:

Not only did Vanderpump say, “There goes our f—ing storyline,” she also allegedly called Rinna and encouraged her to bring up Munchausen.

And Rinna brought the phone records (some phone records, at least) to prove it.

This was all too much for Hadid, who walked off set. But it wasn’t nearly enough for the reunion, which still has two more hours left.

“I did it and I’m sorry,” Rinna said. Though after the season she’s had with Hadid, what exactly shouldn’t she be apologizing for?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.