'RHOBH' Reunion: Erika Girardi Reacts to Being Accused of Playing 'the Victim' amid Legal Drama

"I have never said I was a victim," the Bravo star said on Wednesday's episode

The saga of Erika Girardi's ongoing legal woes continues to dominate The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills four-part season 11 reunion.

During part three on Wednesday, Erika, 50, was in the hot seat once again regarding her situation with estranged husband Tom Girardi. Multiple lawsuits have emerged since Erika filed for divorce in November 2020, including one in which she and Tom were both accused of embezzling settlement money from families who lost loved ones in a 2018 Boeing plane crash.

Erika has also been accused of conspiring with Tom and using her "notoriety" to hide assets as a bankruptcy trustee continues to investigate Tom and his firm.

While discussing separate legal issues previously explored within the Housewives franchise, host Andy Cohen said the difference here lies within the fact that "there are actual victims in this case."

"Understand this, we are a long way from finding out what really happened here," Erika said in response. "I loved my husband. I thought he was great. Now, he's allegedly defrauding widows, orphans and burn victims. How the f--- do you think I feel?"

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

When Andy, 52, pressed Erika for her feelings on the matter, she said she felt "horrible." But Andy and Erika's costars all claimed she had never expressed that sentiment before, despite Erika claiming she had.

"There is a real boundary as to where I can and cannot go. However, if anyone in these cases has been proven wrong, I want them remedied," she said. "Despite what you read, I have done everything they have asked."

Andy said the "issue" was "the way that people perceive" Erika as trying to come off as "the victim" in the scandal. Erika disagreed.

"I have never said I was a victim," she said. "I am not a victim. I am simply surviving."

As Sutton Stracke chimed in to say Erika did look like the victim, Erika immediately hit back: "Are you f---ing kidding me?"

"My life is upside down, Sutton," she continued. "How can I not be broken? How can I not be sad? How can I not be tired? How can I not be exhausted?"

Erika Girardi
Erika Girardi. Amy Sussman/Getty

Andy remarked that Erika's actions thus far hadn't been "landing with the group, or with the viewers." But Erika maintained that she had answered questions about the ongoing cases carefully because her words could be "picked apart, parsed and possibly turned against" her.

Asked whether her attorneys advised her not to speak about the victims, Erika said she "chose" to speak about everything as much as she possibly could.

Kyle Richards then brought up how Erika portrays herself on Instagram, saying the glam shots weren't doing her "any favors." Agreeing with Kyle, Garcelle Beauvais said it "just seems tone deaf" to post that kind of content. Andy additionally argued that Erika was "presenting an attitude of consumption and indifference."

Even Lisa Rinna said she didn't think Erika's social media content was helping her, but that it was ultimately "feeding the fire."

Garcelle, 54, suggested the star "shift [her approach] a little," but Erika said she didn't "have to do anything" beyond defending herself.

"She's getting paid to post," Erika said. "Should I not do that? Should I not pay the bills?"

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

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Toward the episode's end, Erika denied knowing anything about Tom's "alleged theft." The cast then weighed in on the matter, and the group expressed that they believed her. But Garcelle also said Erika could have seen "signs" of something being off and perhaps "didn't want to know," since she was living a life of luxury.

Rinna insisted that they all wanted Erika to come out on top in the end, leading Andy to ask what she would do to survive the ordeal. "You'll just have to wait and see," Erika said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion will conclude with a fourth and final part next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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