Next up: Will Foster talk to Lisa Rinna directly about all of this? Will they be able to effectively communicate?
Credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsmost confusing conflict reached its most confusing development so far this season.

Everyone was talking about Yolanda Foster, but not everyone was talking about the same thing about her … and not realizing it.

What it all boils down to is this: On Tuesday’s episode, Foster finally learned that there is gossip going around about her and her Lyme disease diagnosis.

And also Eileen Davidson accidentally, it seemed, told Foster about Lisa Rinna‘s behavior last episode, when she talked to the other ladies about the gossip surrounding Foster.

But Foster seemed pretty at peace with the whole thing and said she would deal with it after an upcoming surgery. Then she left.

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That’s the straight-forward version, with no crossed wires. How this all actually went down in the episode is this: Foster, Davidson, and the other women (except, notably, Rinna) had gathered for drinks when Foster brought up the Taylor Armstrong/Rinna gossip from Lisa Vanderpump‘s party for her husband, Ken.

But Davidson seemed to have misheard Foster’s question about what Armstrong said to Rinna, and fed Foster’s own confusion – I think I heard something about this, so-and-so may have said, etc. – with her own.

Davidson instead began talking about everything Rinna had brought up last week: Munchausen’s, social media, blah blah. She didn’t realize that Foster wasn’t talking about that conversation at all.

Kyle Richards and Vanderpump looked horrified throughout. In an interview, Richards made exaggerated lip-zipping motions. Shut up, Eileen.

Foster, at this point unaware that everyone was talking about two separate events (both about her), needed some help.

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Richards and Vanderpump filled her in on what Rinna had filled them all in on last episode, and Davidson helpfully offered that Rinna had just gotten caught up in the gossip and speculation and was relaying it for everyone else, while simultaneously feeling guilty about the whole thing.

Does Foster have Munchausen’s syndrome? No of course not.

And so here we are five episodes in and basically everyone knows what everyone else has been saying about Foster, basically – except Rinna.

That’s what Davidson’s Young and the Restless costars might call a plot twist. Maybe irony.

Next up: Will Foster talk to Rinna directly about all of this? Will they be able to effectively communicate?

Will Richards be there, too? Will the camera make sure to keep cutting to her reactions?

This is what Davidson learned from the whole thing: Keep her “big mouth shut.”

It is, after all, Rinna’s mess, she said. “She should be the one to clean it up.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.