Lisa Vanderpump opened up about her broken friendship with Kyle Richards on Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen


Lisa Vanderpump is opening up about the loss of her friendship with Kyle Richards, weeks after the two’s massive falling out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The restauranteur, 58, appeared on Watch What Happens with Andy CohenTuesday following the latest episode of RHOBH. And though she told Cohen that she hasn’t reached out to Richards, she did admit to feeling nostalgic for their time together.

“I think we had a lot of fun together,” Vanderpump said. “Of course I miss our friendship.”

But that doesn’t mean she wants to patch things up anytime soon — especially because, in her eyes, Richards doesn’t feel the same way.

“Maybe it wasn’t such a good friendship after all said and done,” Vanderpump said.

“Clearly she’s not mourning the friendship because of this whole nonsense that was on social media about ‘Goodbye Kyle,’ ” Vanderpump said. “It would have been funny, maybe — I mean, it wasn’t that smart — but it would have been funny maybe if the friendship has been salvaged. But it hasn’t. So it’s been very sad.”

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Vanderpump then dug into Richards, 50, more.

“I think Kyle always [plays the middle],” she said. “When you’re a good friend, I think you stand up for them. I’ve stood up for Kyle even when I have no idea whether they’re right or wrong. Sometimes she straddles the fence and the fence gets stuck up your ass. If you’re going to be a friend to everybody, sometimes you’re loyal to nobody.”

Vanderpump said she was especially hurt that Richards accused her of leaking stories to the press in order to make their costar Dorit Kemsley look bad over the #PuppyGate scandal.

“I would never accuse anyone of something unless I had proof because we’ve all had accusations thrown out there,” Vanderpump told Cohen. “When you swear on your children’s lives, for me, that is sacrilege. I don’t want to tempt the fate of the people I love more than anything in the world.”

Since the filming of that scene seven months ago, Vanderpump and Richards have not spoken.

“I’ve sent a text and an email,” Richards said in a February episode of WWHL. “I don’t know if I’m blocked or supposedly blocked, but that’s the last time we spoke.”

Nor has Vanderpump spoken to any of her RHOBH castmates. “I felt like I had kind of been bombarded in the Bahamas. At that time, I was in a place in my life where I was desperately searching for happiness. I felt very emotional and very raw,” she said of her reason to cut off contact with them.

None of the Beverly Hills Housewives have reached out to Vanderpump for support, she claimed on Tuesday’s WWHL — well, other than to tell her when the next scene was filming.

“That’s bulls— when somebody says, ‘I’ve reached out to her,’ ” Vanderpump claimed. “…So I can come around to be beaten up again? … You know what’s going on. That’s not somebody picking up the phone or talking to you off camera and saying, ‘How are you doing?'”

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Later on WWHL, Vanderpump answered a series of tough questions related to #PuppyGate — including why she never fired John Blizzard, her employee at Vanderpump Dogs who admitted to passing false information to Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave under the guise that it was coming from Vanderpump herself.

“He’s 23 years old,” Vanderpump said, of Blizzard. “He’s working for a nonprofit charity. I’m not going to fire him over him getting indulged in bulls— and gossiping. Why would I fire him?”

She also had strong options as to who leaked the #PuppyGate story to the press in the first place.

“I think it’s from somebody who doesn’t wish me well. … I think maybe it’s somebody who wanted to throw me under,” she said, balking at claims that the pieces painted her non-profit organization in a positive light. “We’re a very serious organization that relies on big sponsors and donors. Any of this nonsense is really negative publicity, it’s not something we want to be involved in. …. I don’t need that kind of positivity.”

As for whether she’d return to the show for another season, that remains to be seen. When asked by a caller which Housewife she’d get rid of, Vanderpump joked, “Probably me.”

“I’ve had a bad experience with all of them,” she said.

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