Lisa Rinna Confronts Lisa Vanderpump, Claims 'RHOBH' Star 'Set Up' Dorit Kemsley with PuppyGate

Is this the beginning of the end for the O.G. Beverly Hills Housewife?

Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will see a lot of bark coming Lisa Vanderpump’s way.

PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peek at a tense scene from the episode, in which Lisa Rinna confronts Vanderpump about her role in a controversial storyline that’s since been dubbed #PuppyGate.

Viewers got to see the scandal’s beginnings on the season 9 premiere earlier this month. We learned that Dorit Kemsley had adopted a puppy from Vanderpump’s rescue shelter before filming began on RHOBH, but decided to give it away to a friend after the dog bit Kemsley’s daughter and husband. Apparently unbeknownst to Kemsley, the dog ended up back at a shelter, where rescuers used a microchip to trace it to Vanderpump Pets — putting Kemsley in violation of her pet adoption contract and making the Vanderpump Dog Foundation look irresponsible.

Vanderpump wasn’t happy with Kemsley but admitted that she knew she had “no [malice] or bad intentions.” Problem was, what Kemsley had done was brought up to Kylie Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave by one of Vanderpump’s employees while cameras were rolling on the Bravo show.

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Though it looked like Vanderpump tried to stop the conversation, and Vanderpump said she never intended for the story to be spread, Rinna was still skeptical.

“Why aren’t you upset about this?” she asks Vanderpump in the clip from Tuesday’s episode.

Rinna then accuses Vanderpump of orchestrating the entire storyline.

“He’s your employee. This wouldn’t get out there if you didn’t want it out there,” Rinna says. “This is like bulls—, going to Teddi, bringing Kyle in. This sounds like a f—ing set up. I think you set them up!”

“I wonder if Vanderpump’s slipping, cause it’s so f—ing obvious,” Rinna says, in confession. “People call her manipulative and a puppet master and all that stuff. And I’m a little worried about her. She’s f—ing slipping!”

Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump. Barry King/FilmMagic; Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

The suggestion is laughable to Vanderpump, who shrugs it off. But Kemsley isn’t laughing. “It’s so unfair that I somehow was villainized in this and they went behind by back,” she says. “I’m your friend, Lisa. …You know full well how it’ll make me look, and you’re my friend.”

Tears soon fall from Kemsley’s eyes, as she’s comforted by her castmates. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. you don’t deserve this,” says Rinna, hugging her.

“Dorit, don’t get upset. Everyone knows you’re a good person,” Richards adds. “You had no bad intentions, you hear me?”

Vanderpump’s the only one unclear about what’s causing Kemsley to cry, asking, “Why is Dorit upset?”

“You know why,” Rinna says.

Mellencamp Arroyave then seems to question Vanderpump’s sincerity, too. “She’s acting like she’s confused why Dorit’s upset,” the accountability coach whispers suspiciously.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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