'RHOBH' : Erika Girardi Claims She 'Found the Evidence' of Ex Tom's Infidelity — 'He Was Sloppy'

"You guys have no idea what I've been living through, no idea what I've been through," Erika Girardi told her castmates

Erika Girardi isn't holding back in detailing her marriage woes with estranged husband Tom Girardi.

On Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards invited the Beverly Hills cast to stay with her at her La Quinta, California, vacation home. Before Erika's arrival, the rest of the ladies — sans Garcelle Beauvais — discussed Tom's court appearance from earlier that day regarding the Lion air flight settlement.

"The government froze all of his assets," Dorit Kemsley said. "Because it was determined that at least $2 million was used inappropriately."

"So when they freeze assets, does that mean you can't touch your money?" Lisa Rinna asked, to which Dorit, 45, responded, "No, you can't. You cannot touch it."

Dorit said she believed "the lawyers are asking for a medical evaluation of Tom because they don't think he fully understands the gravity of the situation."

When Erika finally arrived, her costars welcomed her with hugs. "We're here for you," Kyle, 52, said as Erika, 50, responded, "It's not okay and it's not going to be okay for a long time."

"His attorneys said that she feels that he is not mentally well. This is something that I have said, and no one would listen to me," Erika told the group. "I tried and I tried. Maybe, finally he can get the help that he needs."

Asked by Sutton Stracke why Erika was being "dragged" into Tom's legal woes, Kathy Hilton explained that "they do that if you're married."

Dorit then related Erika's experience back to her own from 2019 with her husband, Paul "P.K." Kemsley. The legal issues in question transpired before the couple had ever met, but Dorit was subsequently attached to the scandal.

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"I've been a bimbo, gold-digging, trophy wife," Erika said in a confessional. "Now all of a sudden, I am financial mastermind that had her finger on the pulse of everything."

As the group sat down for dinner, Erika said she wasn't sure what was next for herself and that she had already let go of her office space. The reality star also confirmed that she wouldn't receive any spousal support from Tom, 82, moving forward.

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From there, Erika went on to share major revelations about her decades-long marriage.

"Tom's sole identity is being a great lawyer. That's all he ever wanted to be in life, and he put that ahead of everything. Everything," she said. "These last few years, you know, when I noticed him declining, I think he held on even tighter. I think he was afraid, I think that he was mad because he was mean as f---."

Recalling a car accident he endured a few years prior, Erika said that she then started seeing signs of his declining health. She, however, admitted to concealing the real cause for the crash.

"He crashed and then broke his ankle," Kyle recalled from their previous chat on the matter, leading Erika to respond, "As a result of the crash, his ankle was [hurt]. He was also unconscious for 12 hours, but no one knows that."

"I know, because I found him," Erika added, noting that he "had a head injury and he broke his shoulder, snapped his ankle and then broke his clavicle" after driving off a cliff.

She claimed to have not previously disclosed all the details because she was "respecting Tom's privacy."

Erika said that when Tom eventually called her after the accident, she immediately questioned his whereabouts and assumed that "he was with some other woman." Asked what woman Erika thought he was with, she said she wasn't sure but it could have been "any of them."

"Obviously, that means he was cheating on you," Kyle said, as Erika chimed in, "You guys have no idea what I've been living through, no idea what I've been through. This is my life."

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Erika claimed that she "found the evidence" of Tom's "years-long" affairs through text messages and pictures on his phone.

"I knew a lot, because it was so hard to hide and, you know, he was sloppy," Erika said, noting that he didn't deny the affairs.

Asked why she didn't leave him thereafter, Erika said: "Where am I going?"

"I really do appreciate you all listening and just understanding," she continued. "And I will be okay, but I am not okay right now."

After filing for divorce from Tom in November 2020, both Erika and Tom have faced major legal troubles. More recently, Erika has been accused of conspiring with Tom to hide assets.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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