'RHOBH' : Erika Girardi Angered by Garcelle Beauvais After 'Private Moment' About Ex Tom Is Revealed

Erika Girardi revealed to Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Kung Minkoff that Tom Girardi called her "daily" following their split

The ongoing drama surrounding Erika Girardi's divorce is now impacting her relationships with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars.

Wednesday's episode picked up with the RHOBH ladies continuing their La Quinta getaway at Kyle Richards' vacation home. The evening after Erika, 50, dropped major revelations about her soon-to-be-dissolved marriage from Tom Girardi, Garcelle Beauvais met up with Crystal Kung Minkoff at her hotel room before heading to dinner at Erika's.

Crystal, 36, informed Garcelle, 54, of the "heartbreaking" allegations Erika shared about Tom's cheating and health issues. Garcelle said that the information was "shocking" before sharing in a confessional, "Tom is cheating? When she was at my house, it was a different story."

"I don't know why she wouldn't admit that to me," Garcelle said. "You know, especially knowing my background [with my ex-husband's infidelity]."

Garcelle and Crystal later joined the group at Erika's hotel for dinner. While there, Kyle, 52, informed Erika that she discovered that Tom, 82, sold the estranged pair's La Quinta property in 2018 without her knowing. (Earlier in the episode, Erika stated that Tom bought a home in the area near Kyle's, but she didn't know its location or whether another woman or family resided there.)

As Erika questioned how the sale was allowed, Sutton Stracke said "you can't" do that and that it was "important" for her to have a good forensics team to find any other hidden assets.

Lightening up the mood, the group took turns selecting a word to best describe themselves. Erika noted that she was "tough" mentally, which led Garcelle to compare how they are both "similar" in that regard.

"My love, I think you and I are very similar [in that] there's a hard shell, but there's a very fragile person inside. And I think, you know, you've had to fight your way up," Garcelle said as Erika added, "And I'm not done."

When Garcelle and Crystal went for a hike with Erika the next day, Garcelle asked several personal questions about the inner-workings of Erika's marriage and her ongoing divorce. "So his business was his business and your business was yours. Like, did you get an allowance? How did it work?" Garcelle asked as Erika replied, "No, I didn't get an allowance."

Erika said she was "not privy" to anything regarding Tom's finances, and Garcelle said that was "good" because it separated her from the embezzlement scandal. Garcelle then asked whether Erika had a "head's up" about Tom's multiple lawsuits before filing for divorce in November 2020, which Erika denied.

"This was a long time coming [and] a long battle with someone whose personality has completely changed," Erika said. "Three years ago, he had a terrible, terrible head injury. And there was a significant shift in his personality, his decision-making and who he is. There was [a] severe decline and it comes down to simple things like, there was no conversation. The conversations that I used to have with him, the back and forth, was no longer. The repetitive phrases, the forgetting what we were talking about."

Erika Jayne, Garcelle Beauvais
Erika Girardi and Garcelle Beauvais. Paul Archuleta/Getty; Frazer Harrison/Getty

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"I would hear the same story 10 times in one day and if you said, 'Oh, I remember that,' [there would be] rage [from him]. Like, I was a whipping boy. ... He would lay out on me, anything. It was the anger, the frustration. I took it all," she added, noting that Tom "denied" his health was worsening.

As Garcelle asked whether Tom's legal woes were a result of his mental state, Erika agreed and said: "Part of true brain trauma is making decisions how [you] wouldn't normally make [them]. It's hard to watch someone go through this and there is nothing I can do to help."

On their way back to the car, Erika said that she wanted the "pain" Tom was in to "stop."

She then made a major revelation about the exes' current situation: "Obviously, I have not talked to him and I cannot talk to him, even though, he calls me every day."

"That's another hard part of it," she continued. "I had to ask my attorney to call his attorney to say, 'Please, stop calling Erika,'" she continued. "You know, it's just horrible. [He says], 'I love you.' 'I miss you.' 'Come home.' 'Are you sure?' I'm like, 'Stop. You got to stop. You have to stop, honey. You need help, and I can't give it.'"

Back at Kyle's house, Erika told her costars the latest involvement amid her ongoing divorce — something she did not specify — would possibly result in her heading home early. "I get it, I'll go with you if you need company," Garcelle said as Erika added, "I may need to go deal with some s---."

Garcelle then brought up the revelation about Tom calling Erika daily with the entire group. "Erika shared, if you don't mind me sharing, that Tom calls her," Garcelle said, leading Erika to reply, "Well, I do mind you saying that because I feel like you're betraying my friendship right now. But please, have your moment."

As Garcelle said she "didn't want to do it like that," Erika raised her voice as she said: "So let me tell the f------ story."

"Tom calls me all the time. I won't take his call," Erika said before directing her words to Garcelle: "You got it out of me once, and now you want to do it again."

Garcelle said that it was "not my intention," but Erika told her to not "f------ sugarcoat it."

In a confessional, Garcelle expressed her confusion with Erika's reaction since she had "been so open" about everything up until that point.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. John Tsiavis/Bravo

Back with the group, Erika began to cry as she stated that what was shared was "a private moment."

She continued to say through tears, "[It was] something that I haven't said and sometimes, not everything is up for discussion. Just because someone tells me something about one of you, does not mean I'm bringing it up. I've been very open and very honest, so I think that was dirty."

Garcelle chimed in, "Erika, I get you're going through a lot. I totally understand."

As Erika said that Garcelle "didn't have to do it twice," Garcelle replied: "Okay, I'll own it."

Erika subsequently left the room and continued crying in the bathroom. From there, the ladies expressed their confusion over Erika's reaction.

"I don't understand, though. Like, what was said? I mean, just a phone call?" Kathy Hilton asked, leading Crystal to explain that Erika had asked they not share the phone call tidbit when Garcelle wasn't present.

"She shared it with us but you had already got in the car when she said, 'I don't want to talk about it,'" Crystal said. "So you didn't hear that."

Erika Jayne, Tom Girardi
Erika and Tom Girardi. Steve Eichner/AP

Choking up, Garcelle said: "I would never want to hurt her. She's already going through a lot, I would never want to do that. But I never got told not to."

"If you were there with me," Crystal said, "I know you would have been like me and not said anything."

Sutton, 49, then questioned the reason for Erika's anger. "Wait, what, I'm confused," Sutton said in a confessional. "What did Garcelle ask that was so bad? People don't react to questions like that unless something's happening."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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