Burruss comes uncorked at a wine tasting when talk turns to Todd

By Wade Rouse
January 20, 2014 07:20 AM
Credit: Bennett Raglin/WireImage

The Real Housewives of Atlanta went on a wine-tasting trip Sunday, and Kandi Burruss nearly came uncorked when the talk turned to rumors of her fiancé being an opportunist.

“Usually when most people go to wine tastings, they go to taste the wine,” said Cynthia Bailey, who arranged the girls trip with NeNe Leakes. “This is not what I had in mind.”

The day hit a sour note when Kenya Moore called out newly introduced wife Natalie Williams about the status of her relationship with actor-singer Christopher Williams – Bailey’s friends and husband Peter Thomas helped the pair celebrate a romantic third anniversary.

“Whenever he would talk to me about you, he’d call you his girlfriend,” Moore, 42, said, referring to when she had worked with Williams in the past. “Actually, his common-law wife.”

“I have never, ever heard that but from you,” said Williams. “Don’t come for people’s marriages when you’re not married.”

But Moore, who earlier told her family that she was “definitely going to have a child” and had already scheduled an appointment with a fertility specialist, quickly turned the tables on Williams.

“She was the one telling Cynthia your man was an opportunist,” she told Burruss about her fiancé, Todd Tucker, and the ongoing rumors of opportunism and cheating that Burruss’s mother, Mama Joyce, has leveled against him all season.

“Lying pageant girl,” Williams called Moore, who then forced her to own up to what she had previously told Bailey. “Actually, I know Todd. He kind of broke [my girlfriend’s] heart Todd has a way of swerving Todd knows how to find himself in better situations.”

“Nobody really cares about your friend you just lettin’ me know I’m a hot b—-!” Burruss, 37, fired back. “I’m successful. I can’t help it. I look good. He came up. Give it up for Todd!”

Leave it to Leakes, 45, to sum up the wives’ dramatic day at the vineyard.

“I used to be a wine connoisseur, but I’ve turned to vodka,” Leakes laughed. “Bein’ around all these bitches, I had to turn to straight alcohol.”

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