'RHOA' : Shereé Whitfield Accused of Not Paying Her Assistant by 'Multiple People'

"I'm not trying to be messy, but Anthony said she never paid him and I've heard that from multiple people," Drew Sidora told cameras of Shereé Whitfield's former assistant during Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Shereé Whitfield is already in the hot seat!

During Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the RHOA star — who was last seen during season 10 of the Bravo reality show before making her return this season — found herself at the center of one wild rumor: that she's skipped out on a bill or two.

Speaking with newly promoted housewife Marlo Hampton, Shereé discovered fellow costar Kandi Burruss was spilling some not-so-fun tea to other cast members.

"Guess what Kandi told me, that you [and fellow cast member Drew Sidora] have the same assistant and you don't pay him," said Marlo.

"He didn't do anything!" Shereé said, referring to her assistant Anthony.

"Why the hell wouldn't Kandi call and tell you?" asked Marlo. "She should've came to me first," Shereé responded. "I'm surprised you're saying any of this."

Speaking with the camera, Shereé spilled some tea of her own.

"Anthony has told me a s—load of things about her husband, her household, everything," she said. "The streets be talking baby."

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Later, Drew caught up with Anthony to get the real story.

"Let me say this, I love Shereé deeply," he said. "That's one of my good, good girlfriends, but I had to cut off all business ties with her. We all know, and it's no shade, but she don't like to pay."

"I'm not trying to be messy, but Anthony said she never paid him and I've heard that from multiple people," Drew told cameras.

Later, Drew brought up the rumor during Kenya Moore's daughter's third birthday party.

"Anthony said that he was your assistant, but that he had to cut ties because you never paid him," she told Shereé. "I don't know for sure because I don't know you."

"If you don't know for sure then why are you spreading it?" Shereé asked. "Did you not tell Kandi? And then Kandi told Marlo. Can you please tell me what you're talking about?"

"He just said you never paid him," said Drew.

"Anthony was never my assistant," Shereé responded. "Why the f— would I pay somebody if they're not my assistant?"

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"He said he had emails about She By Shereé (Shereé's clothing line) that he was trying to put together the line and you didn't want to pay the money for it," said Drew.

"Are you that desperate that you need an assistant that's going to talk about all your friends?" she asked. "I thought you were a cool girl when I first met you, but then this stuff comes up, I was like, 'Okay this is a ditsy b—.' "

Drew then admitted that Anthony is "on probation," despite the countless "rumors" he's allegedly spreading — including one in particular where he told Shereé that Drew's husband Ralph is gay.

Last month, Kandi said she was in full support of Shereé returning to RHOA.

Burrus joined Access Hollywood's Housewives Nightcap, where she addressed the rumors surrounding Shereé's potential return to the show.

"I always love Shereé," Burruss, 45, said. "She's always good TV to me. She's had some very explosive moments in some of these past seasons. So, I'm here for it, honestly. If they decide that they want Shereé to come back, I'm here for it."

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Whitfield, 52, was an OG Atlanta cast member. After leaving ahead of RHOA's fifth season, Whitfield officially returned for season 9 but left again after season 10.

Despite Whitfield's departure in 2018, Burruss said that they have continued to stay in touch over the years.

"I always considered myself to have a good relationship with Shereé," she said on Housewives Nightcap. "I mean, we've had our moments on the show where sometimes we didn't see eye-to-eye. But, for the most part, you know, I still see her outside of the show sometimes. We still run into each other and I've got much love for Shereé."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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