Part three of the reunion ends with NeNe Leakes taking on Kenya Moore as well as host Andy Cohen
Credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta concluded its seemingly endless season Sunday night with the reunion finale, and the ladies finished as they started: With lots of fighting.

What better way to sum up one of the shadiest seasons in Housewives history than by listing a few of the finale’s shadiest lines and moments?

"Miss Ratchet USA"
NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore sparred all season and all night long, with Leakes calling the former Miss USA “ratchet” and claiming she wants to be the star of the show.

“When you check the money they send me, you’ll see who’s the real star,” said Leakes, who was incensed by a Moore blog that alleged she was a “washed up stripper with just a few short-lived gigs in Hollywood.”

“I think fans are just sick of NeNe NeNe has a history of trying to control everyone around her,” said Moore. “She’s nothing but a dictator.”

“You are not a friend to me I will never have anything to do with you,” said Leakes.

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“Bye, Felicia,” said Moore.

“Bye, Miss America,” said Leakes, who later referred to her as “Miss Funk Box.”

"Do You Need Me to Pull Down Your Pants and Kiss Your Ass?"
Leakes and Andy Cohen also shared a few tense moments after the host read a fan question that said many in the gay community were livid Leakes had called Moore’s friend Brandon “queen” and “said it with homophobia dripping from your lips.”

“Really?” said an icy Leakes, who then wondered if Cohen believed that to be true.

“You said it multiple times and you said it in a derogatory manner,” he said.

“I apologize to you and the gay community,” said Leakes before turning defensive. “Should I hold a gay function? A gay parade?”

"I’m Done Rolling Around the Mud with Pigs."
Moore continued her season-long fight with Phaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida, which started with "Textgate" and ended with a flirtatious chat in Mexico.

“I’m your storyline,” said a constantly flexing Nida, who has been charged with bank fraud and identity theft. “You should be paying me I built you. So stop playing games. That’s all I got to say about my legal issues.”

“He’s a criminal,” said Moore. “He can make up anything.”

“You’re a sneaky, trifling slut,” said a furious Parks, who then made fun of Moore’s attempts to have a baby via sperm donor. “You don’t know if your baby daddy is an axe murderer He just needed $10 to get a medium-sized pizza.”

“I’m done rolling around the mud with pigs,” said Moore.

“You should get your toenails done because they’re dirty,” stated Nida.

So, as Cohen stated, “End scene.” (At least until next season.)

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