Porsha Williams Claims Kandi Burruss Set Her Up as 'RHOA' Star's Staff Throws Her Out of Party

Looks like Porsha Williams won't be attending a Kandi Burruss event anytime soon

Looks like Porsha Williams won’t be attending a Kandi Burruss event anytime soon.

On Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Williams — who is pregnant with her first child, a girl — had a fiery confrontation with Burruss after the Xscape singer’s staff had her and her fiancé Dennis McKinley removed by security from Todd Tucker’s 45th birthday bash.

Exactly why Williams and McKinley had been asked to leave differed depending on who you asked. But both sides agree things went left when Williams and McKinley were approached at the party by one of Burruss’ female staff members and her female friend, who happened to be McKinley’s ex.

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In recent episodes, Burruss has been spreading stories about McKinley’s ex, claiming she was dating the restauranteur within weeks of him meeting Williams and that he had gotten her name tattooed on his body.

None of this bothered Williams, who told PEOPLE, “Everybody has a past. … Of course he’s going to have exes. But that’s just who they are, exes! It’s the past. Whatever happened before Porsha doesn’t matter to me at all.” But that doesn’t mean Williams wanted to see this woman, or was particularly happy when she tried to kiss McKinley right in front of her.

As Williams recalled, she confronted the woman and Burruss’ employee, asking “What are y’all doing? What are y’all over here?” When the two walked away, Burruss followed and continued to ask them questions, before turning back and telling McKinley that she wanted to leave. On their way out, security approached Williams and McKinley and told them they had to exit the event. When Williams texted Burruss about it, Burruss apologized and said she’d check in tomorrow — and never did.

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The next morning, news of what happened was all over the gossip blogs, which reported that Williams had been kicked out. The whole thing left her feeling as though Burruss’ employees had planned it.

“They put out a story that I literally beat up a girl at the party and then security dragged me out of there — I wasn’t even drinking that night. I’m pregnant, I’m with child,” Williams said. “Somebody decided to bring this ex that Kandi’s been talking about straight over to Dennis to kiss him on his cheek in front of me. I told Kandi as soon as it happened that her team has kicked me out of her party. To not even check and come out or call later or anything? And then put all this horrible stuff on the blogs? It sounds like a set up, it smells like a set up — it is a setup!”

That’s how Williams saw it. But for Burruss, it was an entirely different story.

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Though she admits she didn’t see what went down, her employee claimed that Wililams was the aggressor in the situation — and chased her and McKinley’s ex, chest-pumping them and trying to “attack somebody to fight.”

“I did not see what was going on with Porsha but from what I heard, she was following behind the girl — the girl was walking away,” Burruss said. “I don’t have time for you acting out just because you don’t like your boyfriend talking to somebody you used to date. Like, get over it.”

“I was told that she was ’bout to fight,” Burruss later explained to her RHOA castmates. “Y’all know her. You think she just walked up on the ex girlfriend who she does not know and was like, ‘We need to talk’ [calmly]? And her man is standing right there?”

So why hadn’t Burruss called Williams? “In my mind, after the party was over, I was like, ‘That’s just drama. I ain’t got time for her not knowing how to act out in public,’ ” Burruss said. “So in my mind, you should be calling me to apologize for acting out.”

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Earl Gibson III/Getty;Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Eventually, the two came together — but didn’t apologize.

“You’re not my f–ing friend, clearly,” Williams told Burruss. “Because guess what, if you were any type of friend or even someone who wanted to work on a friendship, you [would have apologized]. I regret f–ing coming and I hate it even happened. … [But] I was wrongfully kicked out the party.”

“Why would you say that you got kicked out the party if you weren’t the aggressor?” Burruss shot back. “It should get to a point where you realize you have too much to lose than to be chasing after chicks talking about ‘What’s up.’ “You’re always are the aggressor and then become the victim. … You don’t know how to control yourself. That’s the problem.”

Williams wasn’t having that. “I’m nobody’s victim, bitch,” she said. “You are fake. Cause now you want to sit up here and act like I did something?”

In the end, the the episode cut off without either coming to a resolution.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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