"You don't know what a friend is!" Leakes's former bridesmaid and BFF yells after Leakes tosses a water bottle at her
Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo

The “Bailey Bowl,” an adult version of a field day organized by Cynthia Bailey in order for the ladies to have a little innocent fun, turned into the Bailey Brawl on Sunday’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“Let the games begin!” Bailey, 46, announced at the beginning of a fitness day filled with nostalgic events like egg-and-spoon and three-legged races. But it didn’t take long for the adults to act like children.

Marlo Hampton, former BFF and bridesmaid to NeNe Leakes and now BFF of Leakes’s frenemy Kenya Moore, began to boil in the Hotlanta heat competing against Leakes’s Team Rich.

“I’m gonna beat your butts,” Hampton initially taunted Team Rich as a member of Team Twirl, Moore’s team. “I’m mad I don’t know how not to say what’s on my mind I wasn’t invited to the original family team.”

Cue chaos.

“Get the f— off me,” Leakes, 45, shouted as Hampton got close to her. “Don’t try to grab me.”

Leakes then tossed a water bottle Hampton’s way, which didn’t dampen her fiery emotions one bit.

“B—-, you’re stupid,” Hampton yelled. “You are insecure Tell the whole ATL why you’re not talking to me? ‘Cause I’m Kenya’s friend?”

Leakes quickly began to exit the Bailey Bowl, opting to leave “Nay-Nay,” the alternate, evil personality that she has now named after unleashing it at Moore’s masquerade ball, on the sidelines of the athletic field.

“I’ve never seen NeNe walk away from a fight,” a competitive Kandi Burruss noted.

“You don’t know what a friend is!” Hampton continued to yell at Leakes. “You have to kiss her ass to be her friend. You that insecure?”

“I’m not speaking at all to her,” Leakes stated as Hampton broke down in tears in the arms of Moore, 42, telling her new friend, “I feel so stupid.”

“The Bailey Bowl just became the Bailey Bust,” Bailey astutely summed up the day.

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