'RHOA' : Kenya Moore Questions Why She Ultimately Chose Ex Marc Daly After 'a Lot of Proposals'

"I've had a lot of proposals in my lifetime, but why did I choose Marc in the end?" Kenya Moore said during Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Before Kenya Moore turned 50, she took some time to reflect on past relationships and decisions made in her life — specifically, her marriage to now-estranged husband Marc Daly.

On Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya had a phone chat with her dad, Ronald, and opened up about the state of her marriage.

"Since Marc and I have been separated, I just need a father's advice, and it's really brought us closer," Kenya told cameras.

At the time, Marc had recently filed for divorce — "He withdrew [the filing] 12 hours later," Kenya told her dad — from the Bravo star. The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement in place when they got married.

"I always tell people to have a prenup," Kenya said in a confessional. "I just didn't listen to my own advice."

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The couple wed in June 2017 and welcomed their daughter, Brooklyn Doris, in November 2018. But less than a year later, in September 2019, they split for the first time. Following their decision to part ways, things seemed to be improving for the couple, with Kenya telling Andy Cohen in February 2020, "We're in a good place right now. We're trying to figure it out." But Marc confirmed this January that the pair had split once again.

Last month, Kenya clarified that Marc withdrew his divorce petition a day after filing. "For the record: Marc withdrew the divorce petition the next day and said that he was not asking for alimony in the filing and that we misinterpreted NY law. There has been no further divorce action to date. This scene was taped months ago," she tweeted on Feb. 28, adding the hashtags "#RHOA #itscomplicated."

On Sunday's episode, Kenya said she regretted not inviting her father to her and Marc's wedding: "I made the very bad decision not to invite my dad to my wedding because I didn't think my dad would get along with Marc, and I regret it."

Still, Kenya wanted to glean marriage advice from Ronald and told him that she had chosen to "continue with therapy" — a decision she made to help secure answers to questions she had been asking herself, including why she ultimately said "yes" to marrying Marc after receiving many proposals before his.

"I recently started therapy because I do have a lot of questions in terms of my behavior in my marriage," she said in a confessional. "I accepted a lot of things, like anger, dismissal and complete disrespect. I've had a lot of proposals in my lifetime, but why did I choose Marc in the end?"

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Kenya Moore, Marc Daly and daughter Brooklyn. Kenya Moore/Instagram

To her dad, she said, "I'm having a big birthday coming up, and I don't want to be in limbo with my life."

Later on in the episode, Kenya paid a visit to her therapist, Dr. Kristy, with whom she discussed her relationship with Marc, as well as pain stemming from her relationship with her estranged mother.

"Things have been hanging in the balance the last couple of days with Marc and me. I don't know what my next move is, but therapy will be a good start to just help me get somewhere," she said in a confessional.

During the session, Dr. Kristy recalled how Kenya had spoken about "having men specifically in your life that are the same type."

"That I fall for," Kenya clarified.

When Dr. Kristy pressed about "what else is under there" that led Kenya "into these relationships that are not healthy," the RHOA star admitted to seeking out partners that were "emotionally unavailable, 100 percent."

"Not very transparent," she continued. "I shared everything with my husband. I said, 'This is my list. If you have a problem with it, let me know now. This is who I am.' And he never gave me the same."

Kenya figured she would "give them time," believing that Marc would "come around." "That's how I've always operated in relationships like that," she said, remarking that she did "the same thing" with her mother "for 30 years."

"I was always trying to demand that she see me and that she acknowledge me," she said. "And that never happened." (In flashback footage from five years ago, viewers saw Kenya knock on her mother's door unannounced, and her mom lock it from the inside.)

Recalling her childhood, Kenya explained in a confessional that she was raised since infancy by her grandmother. "My mother, from 3 days old, gave me to my grandmother. I've had a lot to deal with growing up. I didn't want children until I was about 30 years old because I just was afraid to bring a child into chaos, or even treat my child as my mother treated me."

Growing emotional, a tearful Kenya told her therapist, "I'm always ending up in these relationships. It's the same."

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Kenya Moore. Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The reality star said that she wanted "acknowledgement" from her mother, going on to open up about the pain she felt from her "treating me like I was invisible. My whole family sat back and watched my own mother be cruel to me and I wasn't protected."

As a result, "I got into trouble all the time and I fought all the time and I just started skipping school," Kenya told Dr. Kristy. She also said she "dated a man that was 11 years older than me at 15, and he was physically abusive."

"I feel like with my husband, with my mother, the things that they've said, it's like they make me feel like I'm the bad guy," Kenya said.

Reflecting on her relationship with Marc, Kenya felt he had been "cruel" to her.

"The things that have happened and have been said and done ... it's like, how can you not see that this is cruel? In his mind, it's been him against me. 'I'm going to try to break you because I am broken.' It's always angry communication," Kenya claimed, denying that she communicated angrily with him. "No. I have restraint. Anyone can tell you that. I don't scream and go crazy. I don't do that to people that I love. I can do it to people that I don't care for that way."

Looking ahead, Kenya wanted to focus on her happiness and daughter as she prepared to enter a new decade of life.

"My takeaway is to do my homework to really just sit down with my feelings. And I'm going to prioritize my happiness, and I'm going to give Brooklyn the family that she deserves — even if it doesn't look like how I initially thought it would," she told cameras.

In January — the same month that Kenya turned 50 — Marc confirmed their split in a statement to The Root. A rep for Kenya did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment at the time.

"After recently attending mediation, Kenya and I have agreed to end our marriage. I will always have great care for her and look forward to amicably continuing to co-parent our daughter Brooklyn with an abundance of love and wisdom," the businessman said.

"As always, in addition to perpetual self-improvement, my primary focus will continue to be helping the underserved and people of color in Brooklyn to recover from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic," he continued. "This focus will take shape through using my restaurant as a 'Community Hub' where positive and diverse perspectives on important topics such as economic empowerment, social activism and political engagement can be highlighted in a safe and productive forum. I'm blessed to be a positive change agent for not just my family but also my community."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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