'RHOA' : Kenya Moore Calls Out Drew Sidora's 'Disrespectful' Husband: 'You're Tearing Her Down'

"I have seen the way he speaks to her," Kenya Moore said on Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta, calling out Ralph Pittman and his relationship with wife Drew Sidora

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Drew Sidora had a surprising ally on her side in her ongoing back-and-forth with husband Ralph Pittman: former rival Kenya Moore.

On Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta, Moore stood up for Sidora, calling Pittman out on his "disrespectful" behavior.

Pittman and Sidora have been at odds since she joined the show last season, first arguing over his last-minute, unannounced solo trip to Tampa, Florida, and this year, butting heads when he admitted to getting "close" with his female assistant. He later ended a fancy dinner he threw for Sidora when she attempted to address their ongoing issues.

"Drew doesn't respect me, doesn't appreciate me," Pittman complained on Sunday, during a couples therapy session. "I give her the stuff that any woman would appreciate. This one here? It's like everything is a problem with her because she's insatiable! I tried to give her steak and lobster that night. Really truly, that night? She deserved a Lunchable."

"It's all these things that we haven't resolved!" Sidora snapped back, describing her marriage as "a vicious cycle of high highs and low lows" when asked by their therapist, Dr. Ken, to live more in the moment. "How can we be in this bliss that's not real?"

The compromise, at least temporarily, was for the two to partake in a 30-day cease fire, in which they agreed not to get into any combative conversations. "No yelling, no attacking, under any circumstances," Dr. Ken told them.

Drew Sidora
Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora. SplashNews.com

That didn't seem to last long, as days later — while on a cast trip to New York City — the two began to once again bicker as they discussed their issues. "Emotionally I'm still dealing with the fact that we were even dealing with another woman," Sidora told her fellow Housewives, explaining why she was no longer wearing her wedding ring.

"I had to fire the assistant," Pittman said. "I guess a question is, How do you finally get over it and say, 'This is something that happened in the past and now we can move beyond it.' "

But Kandi Burruss wasn't going to let Pittman off the hook that easily. "Come on, you know it looked real crazy," she told him of his relationship with his former assistant, who had allegedly propositioned to give Pittman a massage over text messages Sidora later found.

"And it can if you don't understand the context behind it!" Pittman said in his defense. " I did own my part ... But it wasn't like Ralph said, 'Hey, let me go and grab this assistant with a big butt!' [Drew and I] were having some extremely bad growing pains as well as we were trying to do business together. We were in a dark place."

That logic didn't work with Burruss. "That's even worse for you to have a woman who was around who was working closely with you," she shot back. "I don't understand how you don't see how she would feel a way."

Still, Pittman didn't back down. "Why are we even recounting this anymore?" he asked Sidora. "Something occurs to you a different way than it occurs to me and it's fine."

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It wasn't fine to Moore, who took that opportunity to step in and stand up for Sidora.

"See, let me say this to you right now. If my husband said that to me, I would flip this table over because that is so disrespectful," she told Pittman. "You're basically saying that she's lying and how it happened was not how it happened. That would piss me the f— off if somebody said that to me to my face, especially if I'm hurting. Do you not understand that? You're tearing her down."

She also noted how Pittman's "gaslighting" was reminiscent of things her estranged husband, Marc Daly, used to do. "Ralph, you remind me so much of Marc, it's crazy," Moore said. "She doesn't want to feel invalidated. She doesn't want to say something and you get defensive and you say, 'You're crazy for thinking that.' "

"He's an assh—. He's an assh—. I have seen the way he speaks to her and it reminds me of times when Marc would speak to me like that," Moore said at the table, adding in confessional, "I'm trying to see Drew for who she is and what I can see is somebody who is really hurt."

Sidora, for her part, was appreciative of Moore's support. "Kenya's actually communicating exactly how I feel," she said in confessional. "I hope Ralph really hears, he could be doing some of the same things she experienced with Marc. And you see where they ended up."

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In the end, Sidora and Pittman didn't appear to find any resolution. And while the women seemed to agree Pittman was wrong for dismissing Sidora's feelings, they also had some strong feelings about Sidora.

"Drew though ... it's you too, though. He's only doing what you allow," said Marlo Hampton, with new Housewife Sanya Richards-Ross adding, "That's a good point cause you do teach people how to love you."

"A few of us have been in fights with Drew verbally. She can not let stuff go," Moore admitted. "Drew cannot let stuff go and it's ironic because some of the things she accuses you of, she does it also. Like acknowledging when [she's] wrong."

Perhaps that's something Sidora will work on, as she admitted in the episode she's committed to fixing things with Pittman. "I want my marriage to work. I want to be married forever," she said. "All the prayer warriors are out for the Pittmans."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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