"It seems, though, it was multiple people in a room, and I stood there because I'm like, 'I don't know what I'm hearing,' " Kenya Moore claimed
Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore
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The girl code was broken on the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast getaway.

On Sunday's episode, audiences saw the conclusion of the cast trip to Isle of Palms, South Carolina, where the women had all participated in an X-rated, dungeon-style bachelorette party for then-bride-to-be Cynthia Bailey. As viewers saw on last week's episode, the main source of entertainment was exotic dancer Bolo the Entertainer, who Kenya Moore alleged got intimate with at least one fellow Housewife — namely Porsha Williams — after the bachelorette ended.

At the start of Sunday's show, the ladies all sat down for their final cast dinner, during which LaToya Ali questioned if Drew Sidora was the person that Kenya, 50, allegedly heard making "moans and groans" with Bolo. (A rep for Bolo did not respond to PEOPLE's previous request for comment.)

But while Drew denied that innuendo, a confession from friend Tanya Sam did raise more questions.

During the meal, Kenya recalled to the table what she allegedly heard early that morning, which was not long before Bolo was recorded leaving the house. "It seems, though, it was multiple people in a room, and I stood there because I'm like, 'I don't know what I'm hearing,'" Kenya claimed and alleged before the dinner: "I think I heard multiple women's voices and I heard a man."

She went on to detail that the noises were coming from the side of the house by Kandi Burruss and Porsha's rooms, where an open bedroom was in between the two castmates' quarters.

"I'm going to clearly tell you it wasn't Kandi's room," Kandi, 44, told the group, which Kenya confirmed: "It wasn't Kandi because Kandi was in her room snoring."

At that, Porsha questioned if Kenya was saying she was the person in question. "So you're talking about me?"

"I didn't point any fingers at anyone," said Kenya.

"You're talking about my room," Porsha, 39, said.

"What I'm saying is I heard these noises and whatever it is, it was what it was," said Kenya.

As seen in last week's episode, Shamea Morton filled in Porsha and Tanya about Kenya's Bolo questioning earlier that day and repeated Kenya's claims. "She says this morning, 'I heard some noises, like sex,'" Shamea said.

When Porsha asked what Kenya was "implying," Shamea told her, "She never really said directly. But that is what I got. I got her trying to say you, [Tanya] and Bolo."

Furthermore, Kenya alleged during last week's episode: "When I tell you it was a certified freak-hoe show, I heard someone saying, 'F--- me harder. F--- this p---- harder.'"

At the final cast meal, Tanya felt the need to clear the air.

"I feel the need to dispel this," she said on Sunday's episode, adding, "All I know is that I spent the night in this girl's room," pointing to Porsha.

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore, Tanya Sam
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That admission seemed to confirm to Kenya at least part of what she had heard. "I know Porsha's voice — I know it was her in the room," she said in a confessional. "And Tanya admitted to being in the room with Porsha. Case closed."

Kenya also alleged to cameras that "Porsha definitely knows that Bolo's penis is real because it was the same penis that was banging her so hard last night that it was hitting her windpipe and making her call him 'daddy!' "

Attempting to get clarity about the claim from Kenya, LaToya asked: "Are you trying to direct it at Porsha?"

"Did I say anyone's name?" said Kenya.

Porsha, who largely stayed quiet throughout the meal, then spoke up. "Guys, this really isn't a conversation then if it's not directed at me. It sounds like a non-issue to me," she said.

As to why the alleged "moaning and groaning" was an "issue" for Kenya, she said she didn't believe the vacation home they shared was a "private space."

"I just think that if there was something like that happening, it's very disgusting. And if those things happen, then maybe just think about doing it at your home," Kenya told the table. "Because I am here along with my daughter."

At that, Porsha had enough — she told the women she was "over this," left the dinner and went to her room.

Real Housewives of Atlanta
RHOA season 13
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"Kenya's implication is straight up disrespectful. All this aggression and her doing everything to shame me. But girl, you can't destroy what God has built," Porsha told cameras. "Good luck, bitch."

After Porsha had left, the women continued the conversation, with Kandi telling the group that "whatever anybody did is their business."

"But how do you feel it's their business if we are in a home together?" asked Kenya. She added that "to me, it comes down to judgment," and admitted, "maybe that is the auntie in me."

As the coordinator of the bachelorette, Kandi reminded Kenya of what was said before the women entered the dungeon. "Didn't I say from the jump: 'This is a no-judgment zone.' If you here to judge, then you need to take your ass home," said Kandi.

Later, after returning home from the trip, Drew, 35, and Porsha got together to discuss the girls' getaway.

"Kenya was pressing this investigation. I'm like, 'Okay, you trying to come for me.' I had to shut that down. Don't put my name in none of what you talking about," Drew told Porsha. "... I just didn't appreciate Kenya indirectly trying to pin it on somebody."

They both agreed that the events that transpired needed to stay in sunny South Carolina.

"What happens at a ladies' bachelorette party needs to stay at the ladies' bachelorette party," said Drew.

"That's code," said Porsha.

"Y'all breaking all kind of code," said Drew.

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