'RHOA' 's Kandi Burruss Reveals Her Surrogate Was Pregnant with Twins — But Lost One

"I was sad at first, but then I just had to be grateful that the one made it," Kandi Burruss said on Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 premiere

Kandi Burruss nearly became a mother of five.

On Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 premiere, the Grammy winner, 43, revealed that the surrogate she and husband Todd Tucker, 46, were using was initially pregnant with twins, but one of the embryos was lost.

“We actually was supposed to be having twins, and then one of them didn’t continue,” Burruss explained, adding, “I was sad at first, but then I just had to be grateful that the one made it.”

News broke back in September that Burruss and Tucker are expecting their second together, this time via a surrogate. The couple already share 3-year-old son Ace, while Burruss is mom to 16-year-old daughter Riley and Tucker is dad to daughter Kaela, 22, from past relationships.

Surrogacy was something the pair had debated during RHOA‘s 11th season. Burruss was worried about carrying her own after a high-risk pregnancy with Ace and her history with fibroids, noncancerous growths in the uterus.

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Eventually, the two agreed to use a surrogate after meeting a potential candidate through Burruss’ OBGYN, Married to Medicine‘s Dr. Jackie Walters.

That candidate, a woman named Shadina, ended up being the one Burruss and Tucker used.

“To allow somebody to carry my child inside of them? It was a tough decision to make,” Burruss said on Sunday’s episode of RHOA.

Ultimately, the process appeared to be bittersweet for Burruss, especially because she wasn’t able to physically experience the milestones that go along with pregnancy.

“I just feel like this whole situation is strange,” she confessed. “I don’t get to be excited about the first kick. I don’t get to be excited about, ‘Oh now my baby bump is showing.’ I don’t get to be excited even about my boobs filling up with milk.”

“You have this guilt [and] sadness,” she added. “So it’s a joyous ,yet interesting experience.”

Burruss’ child is due this month.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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