Drew Sidora told Ralph Pittman "everything that happened" during the X-rated bachelorette party with her costars and wanted her husband to do the same about his past solo trip to Tampa
Drew Sidora
Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora
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When it comes to Drew Sidora's marriage, she believes honesty is the best policy.

During this week's Real Housewives of Atlanta, Drew, 35, returned home from the cast trip to Isle of Palms, South Carolina — where the women had all participated in an X-rated, dungeon-style bachelorette for then bride-to-be Cynthia Bailey — and gave her husband, Ralph Pittman, the lowdown on what had transpired on the girls' getaway.

As audiences saw last week, the main source of entertainment at the party was exotic dancer Bolo the Entertainer, whom Kenya Moore allegedly got intimate with at least one fellow Housewife, namely Porsha Williams. (A rep for Bolo did not respond to PEOPLE's previous request for comment. Porsha said on Sunday's show, "Kenya's implication is straight up disrespectful. All this aggression and her doing everything to shame me.")

On Sunday's episode, the ladies all sat down for their final cast dinner, during which LaToya Ali questioned if Drew was the person that Kenya allegedly heard making "moans and groans" with Bolo.

Fast-forward to her being back in Atlanta (in her new house), Ralph wanted to know what his wife had to tell him about the trip. "I will tell Ralph everything that happened at the bachelorette party," she said in a confessional. "I feel like, as a wife, that's what you have to do."

Drew began by telling Ralph "we did do a bachelorette party for Cynthia. So Kandi's dungeon tour, she brought that thing to her bachelorette party."

She then went on to admit that Bolo "pulled his wang out."

"What, on you?" asked Ralph.

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Bolo the Entertainer
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"Well, on everybody, babe!" she confessed. "People didn't know if that thing was real because the thing, babe, was like, from here to here," she said, making an estimated size with her hands.

She explained that the night was "crazy," sharing that Bolo "was giving lap dances. He definitely was flipping girls over — I was one of them."

"Wait, he flipped you over?" questioned Ralph, who proceeded to ask exactly "what" Bolo did to his wife.

"Yeah, he flipped me over," Drew confessed. "He flipped me over and I was like, making my booty clap and he was just there. I think he may have smacked it a few times."

Although Ralph's response was a simple "alright," he still wanted to know "what else did you do?"

Though the couple had a previous phone call, during which Drew detailed the night, Ralph said, "You didn't give me all the details that you're giving me now."

"Do you give me all the details? I still don't know the details of Tampa," she said, referencing his past three-day trip to Florida that he didn't tell her about in advance. "So let's not go there."

As seen earlier this season, Drew confronted Ralph about up and leaving their home and heading to Tampa for three days without telling her. While he was away, she also accused him of spying on the family using cameras in their home.

Drew Sidora
Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman
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During her chat with Ralph, she proceeded to ask him where he had stayed while in Florida and the specific name of the hotel. "Yo, your details, the things you want, are stupid details," he told his wife.

"What? No it's not stupid. I don't know who you were there with," she told Ralph, who said, "I didn't go with there with anybody."

She continued by telling him that she was "being 100 percent honest and forthcoming with all my information because there's nothing to hide. But if you're not going to tell me details about Tampa, then that means something may be hidden that I don't know about."

Drew was also hoping that her husband would be pleased with the new skills that she learned at the bachelorette. "Babe, I was learning how to make a clap. I thought you would be very proud because I'ma come home and clap it for you," she said, adding, "Listen, I didn't do no more with the stripper than what you do at the strip club."

Throughout the season, Drew has been open about the struggles in her marriage with Ralph, both choosing to go to marriage counseling to work on their relationship.

In a confessional on Sunday's episode, Drew admitted that she has had "thoughts" about Ralph — to whom she has been married for six years — possibly being unfaithful.

"I don't necessarily upfront believe that he was unfaithful, but the more he's not sharing, you know, where he went, what he did, it does feel unsettling and I have those thoughts," she said to cameras.

Drew added, "I really don't think we should have problems because it was a bachelorette party. You know, it's what happens and I feel great about what I did and I didn't know he was at Tampa, so — and I don't know what he did — so he should not be mad at all."

Drew Sidora
Drew Sidora and her family
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Later in the episode, Drew and Porsha, 39, got together to discuss the cast trip and drama that unfolded.

"Kenya was pressing this investigation. I'm like, 'Okay, you trying to come for me.' I had to shut that down. Don't put my name in none of what you talking about," Drew told Porsha, referencing Kenya's claims about what she had heard. "... I just didn't appreciate Kenya indirectly trying to pin it on somebody."

Porsha also asked if Drew had told "everything" to Ralph about what had transpired. "I did! I told him everything," she said.

"That the stripper was touching us?" asked Porsha.

"Yeah, that he was lap-dancing and he pulled it out," said Drew.

"Like, he didn't like that," she continued, and added that Ralph "definitely felt some type of way" before she brought up his trip to Tampa.

"But I was like, 'I don't know what you was doing in Tampa,' " Drew recalled to Porsha about what she had said to Ralph.

Porsha then questioned what Drew's heart was telling her. "In your heart of hearts, do you think in Tampa that ..." said Porsha.

"I don't know. It's like, I don't want to believe that because he's never given me a reason to question his faithfulness in the relationship," said Drew. "But I do feel like it does come to a point where we have to transition into me also getting what I need in the relationship because it's going to make me crazy."

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