"I really don't care about actors' private lives," the actor, who's linked to costar Emily VanCamp, tells PEOPLE
Credit: National Photo Group

Josh Bowman is thrilled that fans tune in to watch him play Daniel Grayson on Revenge, which premiered its second season on Sunday night, but he thinks it’s silly for people he doesn’t know to care about him outside of the series.

“It’s cool in a way, because people like the show and people like the people who play the characters and they have an interest in them,” he told PEOPLE on Friday. “But I like a few shows, and I really don’t care about the actors’ private lives, because that’s just sad. I really don’t. I’ve got enough s– in my own life.”

Bowman, 24 – who has been spotted getting cozy with his costar Emily VanCamp, 26 – says when people try to pry into his personal life, “I tell them to [expletive]-off because it’s none of their business, and then it becomes less about the show and more about who I’m dating.”

Needless to say, the private actor did not dish on his love life. But he did talk about sharing a small screen with VanCamp.

“She’s just really great to work with,” he said. “She’s experienced and confident in the tracking of her character. She’s been working a lot longer than I have. I’m very curious, and I like to feed off of people’s knowledge. I’m kind of the bookworm who goes, ‘How did they do that?’ ”