"I don't mind living with the constant threat of character death," the actor, who plays Nolan Ross on the hit show, tells PEOPLE
Credit: Katie Kauss/PEOPLE.com

Playing Nolan Ross, Emily Thorne’s trusted ally on Revenge, Gabriel Mann‘s character has the software and hacking skills needed to bring down the Grayson family.

As the soapy ABC hit wraps its second season with a two-hour finale Sunday night, PEOPLE chatted with the actor and former model, 40, about shooting the show’s craziest scenes, the extent of his actual technical know-how, and which costar he’d like to transition to a spinoff with.

You’ve had some pretty insane scenes during the first two seasons of the show – which were your favorites to shoot?
I love the scenes that we shot towards the end of season one where – okay, I’m a sicko – Nolan is chained up in the White-Haired Man’s torture chamber with Emily. I thought that was pretty MacGyver.

Also – maybe because I’m an emotional masochist – I loved shooting the scene where Nolan finds out that Padma has died and Emily comes to comfort him. It’s the first time that we’ve seen those two characters go from at each other’s throats in the pilot episode to embracing.

Emily didn’t punch Nolan and push him away for once. I love seeing the progression of where those characters have come from our first episode until now.

So Nolan and Emily are getting tighter on screen – what’s the relationship like between you and Emily [VanCamp]?
We are amazingly mature in real life and as a result of that, sometimes amazingly immature with each other. We disintegrate into baby talk – it’s super cute.

I love Emily. She’s such an amazing cook – she can make me banana-chocolate chip muffins any time. She has cooked the most incredible meals up at her house and she hosts the best parties for our cast.

She’s just fun – she’s a very well-adjusted, really intelligent person who I’ve really appreciated having as a costar in my first foray into series television. You have to spend a lot of time over a potentially long period of time with another person and I couldn’t think of a better person to do it with.

You’re not actually all that tech-savvy in real life. What are you really doing when Nolan is hacking computers, programming Carrion and figuring out who the Falcon is?
Me, myself and I not so tech-savvy. Nolan Ross on TV – as long as the camera is not on my hands … I don’t know, do I want to give away trade secrets? It’s usually [mimics typing] as fast as I can “Oh my God, what am I seeing on the blue-screen?! That means I have to type even faster!”

Nolan doesn’t have the best track record with love interests – Tyler and Padma have both ended up dead
Okay, now that you put it that way, it sounds horrible! If you fall in love with Nolan, you’re going to be dead. It’s not just that the relationship ends poorly, you’re dead.

It certainly looks that way though! So can we expect to see Nolan follow Emily’s lead in the season finale? He now has a number of reasons to get revenge himself, and we hear someone else will die.
Death, death and more death comes to Revenge. It’s the nature of the beast with a show like this. Early in season one, [creator] Mike [Kelley] came to all of us and said, “Look, I have to be honest with you, any of you could be revenged off the show at any time.”

It keeps you on your toes while you work – in a great way. A show like this works best when it has a combination of tension and humor. I don’t mind living with the constant threat of character death on the show.

I also think that Nolan has a million reasons to want to get his own revenge, but he’s got some great partners in crime at this point.

Some of the rescue missions with Aiden Mathis haven’t worked out so well – who is that guy? I mean, honestly – he’s supposed to be a super spy and he doesn’t have a great track record with being a good shot. Missed Victoria this season, missed Trask I went there. [laughs]

Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden, is awesome. I would love to do a spinoff show with Barry Aiden and Nolan just failing at trying to save people, one episode after the next. Hire us – your target will always die.

Seriously though, Nolan has many reasons to be revengey in the season finale. After everything that’s going to happen stay tuned for season three.