March 24, 2017 12:24 PM

Today show host Hoda Kotb is out on maternity leave, but Kathie Lee Gifford got a worthy replacement on Friday morning: Regis Philbin.

“Look who’s in for Hoda-momma,” Gifford exclaimed, adding, “I’m happy you’re back — we can have some laughs now.”

The pair, who were the faces of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee from 1988 to 2000, put their relationship to the test. While co-hosting the fourth hour of NBC’s morning show, they faced off against a married couple in a Newlywed Game-inspired quiz dubbed “Dynamic Duo Duel.”

The first round went to Gifford, who crushed Philbin’s favorite song — Bing Crosby’s “Pennies from Heaven.” But the pair were too humble in round 2, when they both named each other as the better joke teller.


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Ultimately, Marcy and Brad — the competing contestants from Tennessee — won the challenge, when they correctly guessed one another’s biggest phobia.

“What’s a phobia?” Philbin asked.

“The thing you fear most in life, and I don’t mean Joy,” Gifford joked, referring to his wife, Joy Philbin.

Gifford wrote “death” on the whiteboard — because “it’s the same as mine,” she said.

“I haven’t thought of that,” Philbin chuckled as he tried replacing his answer.

Elsewhere in the hour, the duo tried out sleep-aiding yoga moves with a cardiologist, handled a baby goat and red kangaroo, and tried guessing the meaning of old-timey phrases. “Who finds these things?!” Philbin shouted while trying to wrap his head around the word “buttinsky” and the phrase “flub the dub.”

Philbin also filled Gifford in on how he spends his time with his family in Los Angeles, catching her up on all of his grandkids.

“Spending #TryDayFriday with the one and only Regis,” Gifford wrote on Instagram next to a photo of the pair behind the desk.

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