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May 08, 2015 01:30 PM

It was their parents’ shining moment together on screen. But Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe‘s kids have no interest in seeing Cruel Intentions – and no wonder!

The actors have talked about the 1999 film with daughter Ava, 15, and son Deacon, 11, and even showed them places in Central Park where some scenes were shot. But the kids have no intention of watching it, Witherspoon, 39, said Thursday on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

“They have this Cruel Intentions play in L.A. that’s like a musical. So I was going to take them to that. But they haven’t seen it,” she said.

“They don’t have any interest in seeing me in movies. It’s weird for them. They’re like, ‘This is so weird!’ And especially seeing me and their dad having sex. It’s so weird. Not interested.”

On the topic of on-screen romance, Witherspoon and fellow guest Sofia Vergara did talk about their kissing scene in Hot Pursuit – with Reese saying it was totally Sofia’s idea.

“I thought it needed it because it’s not just for girls. Guys want to go see the movie,” said Vergara, 42. “The movie’s not the normal theme of girls wanting to get guys or go after guys or manipulating guys. It’s about girls surviving shoot-outs or car chases. So I wanted to give something to the guys.”

Vergara also revealed that her first on-screen girl kiss was with Sharon Stone in 2013’s Fading Gigolo. Witherspoon’s was in Freeway way back in 1996. “I only kissed one girl once, and it was the ’90s,” she said.

Finally, also on the topic of on-screen sex, Witherspoon was asked about seeing Ben Affleck‘s penis in Gone Girl, a movie that she produced – prompting fits of embarrassed laugher from the actress.

“That scene went so fast! I didn’t see it!” she protested, before adding: “I thought, ‘It’s great, it’s amazing, congratulations Jen Garner!’ ”

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Hot Pursuit is in theaters now.

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