"You know, what I'm obsessed with is Fixer Upper!" Reese Witherspoon told Jimmy Fallon

By Natalie Stone
September 18, 2018 04:35 PM

Reese Witherspoon may star in a hit television series, but she enjoys watching TV just as much as she does acting in it.

The actress sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Monday evening on The Tonight Show, discussing Big Little Lies season 3 — and her obsession with wildly popular home renovation show Fixer Upper.

“We finished season 2 with the addition of an incredible new cast member, which is Meryl Streep,” she told Fallon, 43, as the audience loudly applauded.

But how did Witherspoon, 42, and costar Nicole Kidman get Oscar winner Streep, 69, to say yes to the HBO series?

“Nicole and I sent her the script, and then we sent her an email, and then she called us the day of the Golden Globes and is like, ‘Well, I know your show is really struggling’ — which it wasn’t — she’s like, ‘So I’ve decided to join and make it even better,’ ” Witherspoon explained.

Upon hearing that Streep had decided to sign on, Witherspoon and Kidman were (understandably) elated: “We were like, ‘What?!’ Like silent screams, silent scream, hugging ourselves!”

Witherspoon also confirmed that in the upcoming season 3, she gets to hurl an ice cream cone at Streep’s character.

“It is true that I threw an ice cream cone at Meryl Streep. This might inform you about our relationship in the show,” Witherspoon. said “I really chucked it at her, y’all — and I nailed it.”

When the actress isn’t performing in front of the screen, or watching The Tonight Show, she turns her attention — and remote — to HGTV.

“You know, what I’m obsessed with is Fixer Upper!” she told Fallon. “It’s with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I can’t, I can’t. If you maybe had a rough Saturday night and you just really need to chill out on Sunday, it’s like the perfect television.”

She explained to Fallon that Chip “fixes everything, [Joanna] designs everything. They’re amazing.”

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And soon, the Whiskey in a Teacup author will get to visit the couple’s Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, where the Gaines’ reality series is based.

“I get to go visit their Magnolia Silo for my book tour and I’m really excited!” she said.

Not only is Witherspoon “so obsessed” with the show, but her husband, Jim Toth, is also. In fact, the pair has brainstormed their own home renovation series.

“We’ve decided that we’re going to have our own show called Dirty River Flippers,” she jokingly shared.

The show’s premise? “We don’t have any talent constructing or building, and I can’t really design anything, so we’re just going to take houses that have like a view of a dirty river and just imagine what it would be like if it was better,” she said with a laugh.

Big Little Lies is expected to return in 2019.