Reese Witherspoon (and Everyone Else on 'SNL' ) Apologizes to Their Moms

Witherspoon had the cast apologize for all the "real, terrible things" they'd done as kids


Saturday Night Live did a very special thing for its Mother’s Day episode: in her monologue, host Reese Witherspoon had the entire cast come out, one by one, and apologize to their mothers for the “real, terrible things” they’d done as children.

Finally, Witherspoon, 39, apologized to her own mom, Betty, for this one time she said she was going to sleep over at her friend Ashley’s house as a cover for going to a hotel with her boyfriend. However, overcome with guilt, she just went back to Ashley’s anyway.

(That hardly compares to some of the other apologies: Cecily Strong used to write angry notes to her mom in the Dingbats font, so she wouldn’t be able to read all of the profanity. And Vanessa Bayer is really sorry about all of the pee.)

The moms had their revenge, too: the monologue ended with a reel of home video footage of Witherspoon and the cast – funny faces, bad lip syncing to Christina Aguilera and all.

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