The two-hour premiere airs Oct. 12 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV

September 07, 2016 12:00 PM

There’s bad blood between this set of roommates!

On the upcoming season of MTV’s Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, seven strangers move into an upscale loft in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with the hope of a new chapter – but they aren’t prepared for the other seven roommates that will be making a debut.

Premiering this fall, the roommates on season 32 will be given the opportunity to revisit a difficult relationship in their lives.

As exes, rivals and estranged family members from the roommates’ pasts settle into the home, the 14 are forced to learn to co-exist and address their conflicts.

Meet the cast members and their “bad blood” counterparts below:

Anika Walker and Will Groomes

Anika, 24, and Will, 24, are exes who dated for three years. Throughout their relationship, Anika was annoyed that her boyfriend couldn’t match her dominance and Will admitted to fearing his ex’s attitude and temper. Though the couple have since split, Will has remained in close proximity because he’s best friend’s with Anika’s brother.

Anika Walker, New York City

Twitter: @NikaRashaun

Bad Blood: Will Groomes, Philadelphia

Twitter: @Prettyboy_will1

Jordan Anderson and Orlana Russell

Jordan, 21, and Orlana, 21, were best friends for years until a video of Orlana’s crush – Anthony – appeared on Jordan’s social media account. After witnessing the video, Orlana became jealous of Jordan and felt that she chose partying and sex over their friendship.

Jordan Anderson, Chicago

Twitter: @jordiedanielle

Bad Blood: Orlana Russell, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Twitter: @or_lanaa

Katrina Stack and Anna Stack

Sisters Katrina, 23, and Anna, 25, have strong longstanding sibling rivalry, which launches silence and resentment between the two.

Katrina Stack, Micanopy, Florida

Twitter: @katrinaaoxx

Bad Blood: Anna Stack, Orlando, Florida

Twitter: @stackanna

Mike Crescenzo and Peter Romeo

Before the two friends moved in together, they were best buddies and party partners in crime. But the friendship between the two changed when Peter broke the “no girlfriends” rule and moved his girlfriend of three days into their place.

Mike Crescenzo, New York City

Twitter: @mtvmagicmike

Bad Blood: Peter Romeo, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Twitter: @romeo_peter

Robbie "Maserobbiee" Padovano and Jennifer Geoghan

Robbie, 22, and Jennifer, 24, met one another at a club. After dating for a few months, Robbie became jealous that his girlfriend was able to go out and party (he was underage at the time). The two eventually broke up as the issues festered.

Robbie “Maserobbiee” Padovano, Marlboro, New Jersey

Twitter: @maserobbiee

Bad Blood: Jennifer Geoghan, Hoboken, New Jersey

Twitter: @jennifersworldd

Theo Bradley and Kassius Bass

The two cousins were best friends until a bust in a dorm room changed 23-year-old Theo’s future that caused a strain between the family members.

Theo Bradley, Kankakee, Illinois

Twitter: @iamtheophi

Bad Blood: Kassius Bass, 21, Charleston, Illinois

Twitter: @King_Kollos

Tyara "Tya" Hooks and Kim Johannson

Since high school, the two women haven’t liked one another. Tyara, 21, claims that the problem began when Kim, 23, posted videos of her on social media mocking her.

Tyara “Tya” Hooks, Alpharetta, Georgia

Twitter: @ItsTya

Bad Blood: Kim Johannson, Alpharetta, Georgia

Twitter: @TheRealKimJ

Real World Seattle: Bad Blood has its two-hour premiere Oct. 12 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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