'Real World' Fans to Choose Final Cast Members for Reimagined Versions of MTV Series

MTV's The Real World will launch this spring on Facebook Watch

Real World fans now have the opportunity to decide who they want to appear on reimagined versions of the long-running MTV series.

On Tuesday, the network announced that Facebook members are able to play a key role in casting for MTV’s The Real World, which will launch this spring on Facebook Watch.

For each of the three iterations — which will be filmed in the United States, Mexico and Thailand — the seventh (and final) cast members will be decided based on poll results cast on Facebook.

Over the next few weeks, two different polls will be rolled out, with the first being the in-video casting polls, which will be available for one week for each territory: United States (opens week of Feb. 25), Mexico (opens week of March 11), and Thailand (opens week of March 11).

Real World CastCredit: MTV

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Ahead of the season premiere, Facebook members will also pick winners in three categories. By visiting the MTV’s The Real World Facebook page, users can vote on Favorite Season: New York (season 1), San Francisco (season 3), or Austin (season 16); Hottest Cast: London (season 4), Key West (season 17), or Ex-Plosion (season 29); and Most Controversial Season: Los Angeles (season 2), Las Vegas (season 12), or Portland (season 28).

On March 25, the seasons with the most votes will be announced and will be available to view on Facebook Watch.

MTV’s The Real World will air on Facebook Watch this spring.

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