Yolanda Foster Thanks Doctor for Being 'Guiding Light' in Lyme Disease Battle

"I am forever grateful for your kindness, knowledge and guidance in this crazy journey," Yolanda Foster captions an Instagram


Yolanda Foster is expressing gratitude for the people who’ve aided in her battle with Lyme disease, namely a chronic pain and illness physician she says has been instrumental in her progress.

“Thank you Dr. Klinghardt for being my guiding light in uncovering the mystery of chronic disease,” Foster wrote on Instagram early Wednesday. “I am forever grateful for your kindness, knowledge and guidance in this crazy journey.”

In the accompanying photo, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posed happily with Dietrich Klinghardt, the doctor who founded the Sophia Health Institute where Foster receives treatment.

The Sophia Health Institute treats chronic illness with a range of therapies, as well as supplements, medications, nutrition and lifestyle changes, according to the group’s website.

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Foster, 51, has kept fans in the loop throughout her treatment for Lyme disease following her 2012 diagnosis.

She previously underwent neurofeedback training, which involves monitoring and then training the central nervous system and brain activity. Foster also had her breast implants removed after doctors discovered silicone had leaked out.

Despite criticism and questioning from her Bravo castmates, Foster has remained outspoken about her disease and her path to wellness.

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