Vicki Gunvalson refuses to back down from her allegation that Shannon Beador had been physically abused by her husband, David

If there was ever a chance for Vicki Gunvalson to mend her friendship with Shannon Beador, that was pretty much thrown out of the window on Monday’s Real Housewives of Orange County.

The former BFFs have been on the outs in recent seasons, driven by fights over Gunvalson’s part in ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ cancer scam and Gunvalson’s shocking claim that Shannon’s husband David has “beat the s— out of [Shannon]” during their marriage.

Those allegations have had particularly damaging effects on Shannon. Though she has vehemently denied their truth at every chance she could — beginning with the moment they were first raised on camera during a group trip to Ireland and then more clearly at the RHOC season 11 reunion — the stress of the false rumors led her to emotionally eat and gain 40 lbs. between seasons.

“I am angry with myself that I let what she put out there affect me,” Shannon said on Monday. “It affected me physically because I just ate more, I didn’t care. I was just a mess. David does a lot of things but he doesn’t beat me.”

But Gunvalson, as it turns out, hasn’t backed down.

Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador
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While chatting with fellow Housewife Kelly Dodd in a scene that aired Monday, the 55-year-old Coto Insurance owner balked at Shannon’s anger — claiming that she wasn’t lying when she brought up the abuse allegations. “I have text messages and pictures!” Gunvalson said.

It was unclear exactly what text message and photos Gunavlson was referring to, but it could have been the same photos Shannon showed Andy Cohen during the RHOC season 11 reunion.

“That was the darkest place for me,” Shannon said at the reunion through tears as she looked through pictures of bruising she had received on her right shoulder and her right hip when she attempted to break open a door during a fight she had with David in the wake of his cheating scandal. “My husband did not beat me. He had had an affair on me and I was doing my best to bring my family back together.”

She also explained on the reunion a 2003 call she made to police while she and David were having an argument. “It was nothing physical,” Shannon said. “We had a verbal argument — I wanted the argument to end. … I would never stay in a marriage if I were beat up. I would never teach that to my children.”

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Shannon Beador and David Beador
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Though her words were passionate, Gunvalson didn’t apologize to Shannon for making the claims — saying that she herself had been hurt by things that had gone on. And since then, the O.G. of the O.C. has found herself estranged from Shannon and their RHOC costar Tamra Judge (who had her own set of problems with Gunvalson).

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On Monday they all came face-to-face at a “sip and see” for Meghan King Edmonds’ new daughter, Aspen, where Shannon and Judge did their best to avoid speaking to Gunvalson.

The isolation hurt Gunvalson, who told new Housewife Peggy Sulahian,”When my life was bad, they stocked out.”

“They knew they were hurting me. And that’s kind of unforgivable,” Gunvalson explained. “We’re all very scarred. We’re very scarred, we’re very damaged. And it’ll never be as it was before but we have to be classy ladies and able to be in the same place together and try our very best to move on.”

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Tamra Judge
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Her perspective didn’t seem to sit well with Judge when it got back to her.

“You know, what I have zero respect for that woman and I don’t ever care to be in the same room with her,” she told King Edmonds. “You’ve got to understand, I have 10 years of this girl. I’ve had so much fun with her and I’ve done so much with her and given so much of my life to her and my family and my kids and all that. So somebody is talking rumors about your family? It’s just sick. It shows character. Because she’s an extremely insecure, f—ing bitch. … she’s trash. She’s like the f—ing s— on the bottom of my shoe.”

Shannon wasn’t phased much either: “Vicki is so set on her delusional view of the world, that nothing that anyone can say or do is ever going to change her mind,” she said.

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But saying nothing was worse in Gunvalson’s eyes. By party’s end, she appeared more annoyed than ever — and told viewers she was ready to “punish” Shannon and Judge.

“I was wanting so bad to be their friend. Fighting for it,” Gunvalson said. “What did I ever see in either one of them?”

“I’m so over the bulls— with myself Tamra and Shannon. … I’m done trying to pussyfoot around this,” Gunvalson continued. “Tamra knows I’m a great friend — I had a lot of fun with her. Shannon too. And I want them to know that they can’t do this to people. They cannot be bullies and try to come conquer and divide. I want to punish them for not being my friend.”

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