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December 03, 2008 12:00 AM

Tuesday’s episode had the Housewives hopping into a limo and heading to L.A. for a day at a (very expensive) spa. Gretchen was the last to be picked up and as she walked down her driveway to the limo, she had a hunch the ladies were talking about her behind the tinted windows. She was right. The women laughed, called her a gold digger and speculated about whether she’d gotten breast implants.

Gossiping about the new girl (and telling her to shut her mouth at a champagne brunch on the spa’s roof) wasn’t the only drama for Vicki, who was planning a “family vacation” to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Her husband Donn wanted to go but Vicki couldn’t understand why he would want to spend time with his wife and kids. Meanwhile, her “babies” — 22-year-old Michael and 21-year-old Briana — decided at the last minute that they didn’t want to go on the trip but Vicki forced them to pack their bags and come along. On top of that, Vicki, who can’t stop working, was desperate to evict tenants from her rental property and decided to call to check on her court date while getting a pedicure with Jeana, who rented the property and sat next to her, trying to relax in the spa’s chair.

The situation was awkward for Jeana because she’s friends with Vicki, who thought she may have rented the home to unfit tenants and wasn’t doing much to help get the late payments. But Jeana made it clear that she does what she has to do to make money in a troubled real estate market during a visit to clients to help them make a short sale of their home. She explained this is selling the property but not getting any profit from the sale because the bank absorbs it due to the seller’s debt. “It’s a terrible thing to happen,” she said, “but good for me.”

Lauri‘s also living the good life, horseback riding with her husband George and taking care of their children, which included questioning daughter Ashley over lunch about the skincare line she’s launching with a business partner and investors. Lauri may be involved with her family but the other ladies have missed her company and Vicki, for one, isn’t happy about it.

To celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary, Tamra and Simon are planning a trip to Napa — and they’re leaving the kids at home. It’s a good thing to, because Tamra went out and purchased a slew of lingerie and sex toys, including a tiny striped bra, which she called “zebra print nipple warmers.” Tamra may be the one standing up for the new girl but is it genuine?

Gretchen did a little shopping of her own, visiting a Harley Davidson dealership with fianc Jeff, who promised her a bike if she took riding lessons. Gretchen, who has zero experience, told the salesman she wanted a pink bike that she could ride in heels. She may not be the toughest biker chick, but Gretchen did stand up to Vicki at the spa brunch, telling her she didn’t have to keep quiet just because she’s the new girl.

Tell us: Will Vicki and Donn stay together? What do you think of Gretchen? Which Housewife is leaving the show?Vivian Zink/NBC

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