August 31, 2015 11:15 PM

Another week, another episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, another installment of Vicki Gunvalson‘s battle with Meghan King Edmonds – with one change: Monday night, the women fought at a sex party.

That’s right: Gunvalson and Edmonds ran into each other at the Tamra Judge-hosted affair, which also featured sex toys and sushi-covered women.

And while it seemed as though all attendees might abide by Judge’s loudest rule (“No talking about it!”), Gunvalson eventually brought up her blow-up with Edmonds, which was earlier sparked by the news that Edmonds was gossiping about what a psychic said about Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis.

(The order of those words was very important to Edmonds, who took pains to clarify that she was only repeating what the psychic put out there.)

Gunvalson, who Judge said “can’t keep her mouth shut,” roped Edmonds into the conflict with this seemingly out-of-the-blue comment: “You’re not a nice person, but I’ll accept your apology.”

To which it seemed Edmonds could not decide a response fast enough: What apology? Who is not nice? What are we talking about?

Having vowed to “take [her] down” the last time they fought, Gunvalson was dogged as she and Edmonds stood near the bar at the party, surrounded by revealing outfits, wigs and what someone could easily mistake for sex trapeze.

Gunvalson told her at one point, “Lower your eyes because you’re very evil.”

Later, after Edmonds waved husband Jim over, after Shannon Beador popped in, Gunvalson dismissed the couple, telling Jim, “Talk to me in five years when you’re divorced.”

(Gunvalson returned the favor of Edmonds’ gossiping, telling Judge at the episode’s end about an earlier comment Jim made to Ayers – that of his four months being married to Edmonds, two had been “challenging.”)

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Neither Gunvalson nor the Edmonds were willing to give an inch. There were lots of promises that “this conversation is not over” and lots of promises of, “I don’t give a f—.” But not surpisingly, these weren’t the only theatrics at the sex party.

Judge and husband Eddie debuted their “sex tape,” a playful twist on thrusting and moaning and erotic exercise positions, while Heather Dubrow got to teach her friends about the pros and cons of leeches.

Yes, leeches.

Durban and husband Terry both wore leech bites to the party, having just come from being leeched as part of a health and beauty regimen, and Dubrow enlisted some help in the bathroom as she began to bleed through her clothes.

Elsewhere, Judge proclaimed that the next day she was going to talk to a pastor (not pasTURE, as Gunvalson corrected her) about being baptized, which slightly irked her husband, who was thrown by Judge’s new religiousness.

It had one bright side, though: Now three years later, Judge apologized to former castmate Alexis Bellino for calling her “Jesus jugs.”

“Alexis, I’m sorry,” Judge said in an interview, adding, “I shouldn’t have insulted Jesus like that.”

So some relationships seemed mended, some broke apart. Or as Gunvalson put it to the camera, describing the night: “It’s like Moulin Rouge gone to hell.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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