'RHOC' 's Shannon Beador Refuses Vicki Gunvalson's Apology for 'a Year and a Half of Lies'

Shannon Beador is not ready to be friends with Vicki Gunvalson after what happened last season

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The Vicki Gunvalson Apology Tour continued on Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County as Gunvalson attempted to patch things up with former bestie Shannon Beador. But unlike Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge, who both previously agreed to move past the drama with Gunvalson, Beador wasn’t ready to forgive and forget.

The apology happened at new Housewife Kelly Dodd‘s beach party – where Gunvalson had engaged in a heated yet heartfelt conversation with Judge at the end of the last episode. Perhaps feeling confident from the chat, the “O.G. of the O.C.” pulled Beador aside and immediately took ownership for her part in the cancer charade put on by ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers during RHOC‘s tenth season.

“I’m sorry for getting anyone involved in this whole hoopla from last year with the man I was dating,” Gunvalson said. “I did a lot of things wrong because I wanted people to like him. You guys were right, and I was wrong. I don’t have an excuses for him. All I know is that I really want to put this behind us and I’m sorry.”

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It was the first time Gunvalson outright admitted to being wrong to Beador – but Beador still wanted more. Like Dubrow and Judge before her, she wondered whether Gunvalson was part of the cover-up.

“You’re too astute a woman to not know what was going on,” Beador argued. “This is a year and a half of lies that you can’t just squish under the rug.

“There’s no rug. I didn’t lie – he lied to me,” Gunvalson said, in defense. “I’ll never know the truth. We’re done, we’re finished he’s moved on to the next girl.

Beador wasn’t buying it: “I don’t believe that,” she told Gunvalson. “I don’t believe that you weren’t involved in it.”

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“You don’t have to believe that, Shannon. Of course I wasn’t involved – what would be my benefit? It makes me crazy thinking about that you girls would think I’m in on a cancer scheme. It’s crazy to think that way,” she fought back.

Eventually the conversation turned to Gunvalson’s comments about Beador being “disgusting and vile” – a sticking point for Beador. “I did think you were disgusting and vile because you would not move past this,” Gunvalson said, explaining the source of the comments.

“So which is it Vicki?” Beador asked. “Are you sorry for it are you not? Is this an apology? Or is it an attack? ‘Cause I thought it was an apology.”

“I’m asking for forgiveness,” Gunvalson said, near tears. “I want our friendship back.”

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“And Vicki, I absolutely forgive you. I absolutely do,” Beador responded coldly. “I don’t know if I can have our friendship back.”

Vicki Gunvalson is not my friend anymore,” she said in an interview. “Done.”

After failing to get through to Beador, Gunvalson tried her hand at apologizing to Meghan King Edmonds – though with a blanket apology.

“I love all you guys and I really want to be friends again, she told all the girls in Dodd’s closet, where Edmonds was taking her fertility hormone shots.

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“Well we weren’t ever friends ever, Vicki,” Edmonds said frankly, sending Gunvalson out of the room shortly thereafter.

“F— her,” Gunvalson cried to Dodd. “I just don’t want conflict in my life. I don’t have the strength for it anymore.”

“I said I’m sorry. I mean it,” she said in an interview. “Where do we go from here?”

Judging from the previews for new week’s episode, Gunvalson goes to Beador’s ’70s theme party and ends up fighting with Beador’s husband, David. Looks like the Vicki Gunvalson Apology Tour may need to make a few more stops.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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