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October 06, 2015 11:45 AM

Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Shannon Beador’s husband David made waves when his infidelity came out on the show in June – but now, the couple is revealing that at least one of their costars knew about the affair well before viewers did.

The reality star couple discussed David’s cheating on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live! with host Andy Cohen.

“David, last season, the email that you sent Shannon in which you suggested moving out for a bit was a big topic of conversation,” said Cohen, 47. “You were very upset that it became a part of the show. What wasn’t known by everyone – including you,” adds Cohen, nodding at Shannon, “was that you were in the midst of an affair. So how worried were you that the jig was going to be up for you?”

“Right, that was going to blow everything up right there because at the time Heather knew about it and she didn’t say anything,” David replied.

Heather Dubrow actually knew about the affair?” Cohen asked, and both Shannon and David nodded in confirmation.

“So when you went over to Heather’s house, trying to find out how she knew about the email, what you didn’t know was that Heather knew about the email,” Cohen said to Shannon.

“It’s the ultimate girl code,” Shannon said, adding that Dubrow, 46, didn’t even tell her husband Terry, 57. “She kept it to herself. And I am very appreciative of that. When you have information like that, especially in our small town, you can really hurt people.”

Heather Dubrow; inset, David and Shannon Beador
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When asked if he was aware that Dubrow knew about his affair, David said he “suspected” Dubrow knew since she had mutual friends with the woman with whom he was cheating.

In July, Shannon told PEOPLE Now she can “go days – a week – without thinking of the affair.”

In an August episode of the reality show, Shannon revealed that her husband’s affair “was long-term” and that it “went on for eight months it was a lot of lies.”

On Monday’s WWHL, Shannon told Cohen that she never sought out her husband’s mistress, but that the woman had called her once.

“In that conversation I wanted to say certain things, but I didn’t. I said, ‘I want my family back,’ ” Shannon said, clearly emotional. “I’m not going to cry, but ‘I want my family back,’ and her response was: ‘He’s obsessed with me, he’s like, he wants to marry me, and I don’t even know the guy.’ And it wasn’t kind. It wasn’t a kind conversation.”

When Cohen asked David if he was in love with the other woman, David replied, “I thought I was in love with her, yes.”

David also said that even if Shannon had not found out about the affair, he would still have told her – a statement Shannon believes.

“When I found out about the affair, he wasn’t Mr. I’m-So-Sorry-Warm-and-Fuzzy,” Shannon said. “He was ready to leave me.”

Shannon also revealed that David left her for two weeks after the affair was revealed, but that he continued to come pick up their kids from school.

“One day, he handed [my daughter] Stella his wedding ring. He said, ‘Give this to your mother, I don’t want it anymore.’ And that was a knife in my heart,” Shannon said. “I thought, ‘we’re never going to get it back together.’ ”

The reality star added that shortly afterwards she had to go on-camera interviews for the show, and that she wore David’s wedding ring during them because she “wasn’t going to give up.”

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