Mama Drama! Shannon Beador's Mother-in-Law Causes an Angry, Tearful 'RHOC' Scene

It appears one person close to Shannon Beador and David Beador isn't exactly rooting for the pair to stay together

Shannon Beador and her husband David have worked to rebuild their marriage since his infidelity threatened to tear it apart. And on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the couple – who married in 2000 – appear to be in the best place ever.

Now two years after David’s affair was exposed, the Beadors have worked through their problems in therapy and say they’ve come out stronger for it. They even renewed their vows in front of their loved ones – and shared an intimate second honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas with viewers.

But on Monday’s episode, it appears one person close to Shannon and David hasn’t exactly been rooting for the pair to stay together.

David’s mother, Donna, attended a concert the Beadors’ daughters were having – and made it known to Housewives Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd that she thought her son was justified in cheating on his wife.

“He’s a wonderful guy,” Donna told them, of her son. “He made one mistake. And she pushed him. But I’m sure he regrets it now.”

The words were a shock to Judge and Dodd, who had just met Donna for the first time minutes earlier.

They were both aware that there was previous tension between Shannon and her mother-in-law because Shannon had spoken of their strained relationship when Donna and her daughter Vicki first arrived at the event.

“David’s mom and sister are here, just so you know,” Shannon told her friends. “I mean, I haven’t seen them since Christmas. I didn’t know they were coming. They’ve never liked me.”

She detailed more to viewers. “David’s mother doesn’t like me,” she said. “David gave his mother a lot of attention when he wasn’t married and I was taking him away from her.”

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Donna told a different story to Judge and Dodd, though. “I don’t get to see the girls very often,” she lamented. “Shannon hates my guts. I try to get along with her but she’s always got something there.”

Her confession made the two Housewives sympathize with her side of the story – thinking that she wanted their help in repairing her relationship with Shannon. That is, until Donna blamed Shannon for David’s affair.

“Holy s—,” Judge said, upon hearing what Donna said. “I cannot believe she just said that. She just kind of took me from feeling bad for her to going, ‘Wow – this woman is vindictive.’ ”

Judge quickly passed Donna’s statement back to Shannon – who not surprisingly, didn’t take it too well. “I didn’t push you to anything,” she screamed at David before running out of the room tears. “Are you f—ing kidding me? I’m f—ing done.”

“David and I are in a good place,” she confessed. “But when someone brings up the affair, it still hurts. Maybe five years from now, maybe I would have laughed it off. But right now, today? It hurts.”

“I think that they wished that he had left me and it hurts,” she continued to viewers. It’s hard – you fight for your family cause that’s what you want. David made the choice to stay with us. So you would think that you would just get that support from your family.”

Once she calmed down, she and David presented Judge, Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds with a more accurate portrait of their family relationship.

“Sixteen years of the same stuff, it’s hard to hear,” Shannon explained. “You don’t say I drove my husband to affair and you want to make amends. It’s called manipulation, and I’ve been dealing with it for 16 years. David has no relationship with anyone in his family. And the only time he has, in certain spurts, was because of me.”

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Shannon went on to say that Donna had told Shannon and David’s daughters – Sophie, 14, Adeline, 11, and Stella, 11 – that Shannon was “a horrible mother,” adding that the girls “want nothing to do with her.”

“Shannon has been amazing to my family,” David said. “She’s always tried to bring our family together. So it really isn’t Shannon’s issue. Part of the reason that I don’t talk much to my mother is because I respect Shannon and I love Shannon. And I know it breaks her heart. My mother doesn’t respect my life very well.”

As for Donna’s claims that Shannon had pushed David to an affair, he quickly denied that, telling Shannon in front of everyone, “You didn’t push me to have an affair.”

By episode’s end, it was clear David’s relationship with his mother was something that would need to be addressed in the future. “David’s caught between a rock and a hard place,” Shannon said. “He just, he wants to avoid the whole thing. But David can’t do that.”

She concluded, “David needs to be on the side of the truth. And in this situation, that would be my side.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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