"One life in, one life out," Gunvalson told Judge on Tuesday's emotional episode

By Wade Rouse
Updated July 13, 2015 10:35 PM

Ironies and tears filled Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County as Vicki Gunvalson buried her mother on the same day that Tamra Judge became a grandmother for the first time.

“One life in, one life out,” Gunvalson told Judge, who came to visit her before she left for the funeral. “I feel lost, I feel lonely. I need my mom.”

Although Judge joked that she was “going to be the hottest grandma in Orange County,” she felt guilt about not being able to accompany Gunvalson.

“It’s so not fair,” she said. “Make sure your parents know that you love them.”

Continued Judge, who noted that Gunvalson’s family didn’t want boyfriend Brooks to attend the funeral because they didn’t approve of him: “She has to go through one of the most painful things of her life without Brooks or me there.”

“My mom liked you,” Gunvalson told Judge, laughing through her tears. “She said, ‘Why is Tamra so mean to you? I said, ‘I don’t know, I’ll have to ask her.’ ”

But Judge certainly liked her new granddaughter, Ava.

“My first born just had his first born,” said a crying Judge. “I’m a grandma now. It’s precious, and I also feel a little old my whole life has changed forever.”

Meanwhile, Gunvalson’s life changed forever with her mother’s unexpected death.

“She laid down on her bed and died in her home with her dog lying next to her,” Gunvalson said after the funeral. “She just went to sleep.”

Continued Gunvalson, “I physically picked my mom out of the casket and sobbed on her cheek.”

A lighter moment came when Shannon Beador visited Gunvalson, bringing her some homeopathic remedies for grief and calming.

Gunvalson told Beador that she was interested in seeing a “median,” as she had done following her father’s death, to ask her mother some questions.

“Vicki, I think you mean medium, not median,” said Beador. “I’m the wife of a highway construction contractor a median is in the middle of a highway it doesn’t talk to dead people. Medium!”

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