'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Vicki Gunvalson's Family Trip Turns Sour Over Brooks Ayers


Here is a brief list of the topics that Vicki Gunvalson would rather not discuss with you right now: impending tornadoes and Brooks Ayers.

During an otherwise lovely trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to see daughter Briana and her family, Gunvalson found herself twice squeezed into uncomfortable moments during Monday’s Real Housewives of Orange County.

The first came when the family was heading to dinner in the middle of a tornado warning, when she was introduced to their underground (and frighteningly small) storm shelter.

And the second time was at the episode’s end, as she walked off camera when Briana brought up Gunvalson’s boyfriend before her family’s own trip back to Orange County.

“We’re not talking about this on camera,” Gunvalson said to her daughter, though subsequent pieces of the discussion were picked up by their microphones.

“I’m trying to be nice,” Briana said.

She said they would stay in a hotel for their trip if Ayers – whom Briana doesn’t want around her children and with whom she expressed her displeasure – was still at the home.

Gunvalson assured her Ayers would be traveling for business. But Briana, a nurse, was skeptical. Someone in the middle of a cancer fight shouldn’t be traveling, she said.

It was another subtle reference over the controversy around Ayers’ health.

Their fight remained unresolved at the end of the hour, though the rest of the trip went well. Briana said with a laugh that Gunvalson had been out to visit about 14 times since the move.

She even bought Briana a car, to make things easier on her family right now, as her husband recovers from back surgery.

(Briana wryly noted that this would technically be the only car her mom had ever bought her: Gunvalson had merely paid the down payment for the last one.)

But Briana said such an extravagant gift made her deeply uncomfortable nonetheless.

“I feel like my mom is always trying to help me in places that I don’t need help,” she said.

Once the subject of Ayers was on the table, Briana even asked her mom if the car was a way to “silence her.”

Real Housewives of Orange County Star Meghan King Edmonds on Brooks Ayers Cancer Rumors: ‘You’re Gonna See That It Doesn’t Add Up’

Back in California, the other ladies continued to dissect the multi-part fall-out from Ayers’ cancer diagnosis, a psychic’s speculation that Ayers may not actually have cancer and Gunvalson’s arguments with Meghan King Edmonds over the same.

While Edmonds said the whole thing was a learning moment for her and husband Jimmy about how she needs an ally and he doesn’t like to be pulled into petty conflicts, Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow met for cocktails to share their thoughts.

Gunvalson is “very intense about this,” Dubrow said, adding that her comment to the Edmonds about their marriage not lasting was “off the handle.”

Tamra Judge and husband Eddie, however, were seeking peace, as the couple sat down with a pastor to talk about the possibility of Tamra being baptized. It was obviously an emotional issue for her to discuss, and she was left teary-eyed.

“Baptism is a new beginning and I want somebody to help me to be a better version of myself,” she said.

Eddie, who had expressed some surprise earlier at his wife’s new spirituality, said he was behind her “100 percent.”

But he was less supportive when she told him over dinner that she had agreed to financially support her son Ryan – giving him $8,000 to help him move into a new home that would be closer to her.

“I’m not about to work my ass off to support another man’s family,” Eddie said, and urged her to treat the money as a loan.

“I love Ryan,” he said, but added that it was time for Ryan to grow up.

But Tamra, unknowingly following the trend of the night’s other looming conflict, told the camera: “Ryan is never going to pay me back, but Eddie doesn’t need to know that, especially right now.”


The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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