July 25, 2016 10:45 PM

In one of the most explosives episodes in the history of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador‘s throwback ’70s theme party turned into an all out war, with Beader coming to blows with new Housewife Kelly Dodd and Beador’s husband, David, calling Vicki Gunvalson “a f—— pig” and a “scumbag.”

The argument was so intense that Gunvalson phoned ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers for backup, claiming, “Brooks put me in this goddamn situation.”

“Brooks it’s Vicki,” she said, leaving him a voice message. “David Beador says I’m a pig and I lied about you – that you didn’t have cancer. You need to call David Beador. Because this is filthy and disgusting that I have to deal with this. I didn’t do anything. I believed you and I loved you and that was that. Here we are now nine months later, and I still have to deal with this.”

David Beador and Vicki Gunvalson

Everyone seemed to be getting along fine at the costumed event – its shag carpeting, lava lamps, disco balls and even pet rocks set the groovy atmosphere. But after a few drinks, a self-described “MC Hammered” Dodd confronted two of Shannon’s guests – named Jaci and Nina – who Tamra Judge said were gossiping about the new Housewife.

Jaci and Nina had previously meet Dodd – when Dodd was separated from her husband, Michael, and out with another man. Jaci was quick to bring the alleged affair up in front of Michael – something Kelly called “a bitch move on her part” and left her wondering whether Shannon had invited the ladies to set her up.

Shannon denied the move, claiming she had no idea Jaci and Nina even knew Kelly. But Kelly didn’t seem open to that argument. Soon, she and Michael began attacking Shannon’s appearance – Kelly referring to the mother of three as Three’s Company character “Mrs. Roper” after her costumed look and Micahel questioning whether her look was actually ’70s.

“Did I insult you when I came to your party? I’ve been nothing but kind” Shannon said, while kicking the Dodds out of the event. As she told viewers, “Mrs. Roper’s the landlord on Three’s Company, a very popular show in the ’70s. So as landlord of this party, get out.”

“I will leave your party – this sucks,” Kelly said. “This is actually the worst party I’ve ever been to. You are so f—— dumb. You’re disgusting. I would not be friends with you because you’re so f—— ugly.”

“Have another drink,” Shannon quipped back. “Are you f—— hammered again tonight, Kelly?”

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Fleeing to her husband David’s side, Shannon attempted to get backup, feeling Michael had no right to get involved and criticize her appearance. But David was involved in his own argument with Gunvalson.

“Vicki, f— you,” David told her, when she implied Shannon was enjoying the drama. “You need to shut your f—— mouth – you understand me? You lied about cancer and you still haven’t fessed up about it. As soon as you admit to lying, then you’re scot-free.”

“Shut your mouth,” Vicki responded. “I didn’t lie. Shame on you. You’re filthy. You’re a cheater and a bad guy. You don’t even know – the man I loved had cancer as far as I was concerned.”

“Oh does he or doesn’t he?” David snapped back.

“I don’t know – ask him!” she said.

“I think you’re a f—— pig,” David told her. “I think you’re the lowest of the low. You are the lowest of the low. You’re a f—— scumbag because you don’t come clean.”

“You don’t yell at a woman – I’m not his wife,” Gunvalson told viewers. “He’s the one that’s a scumbag and a pig and a liar and a cheat.”

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With both arguments colliding, Gunvalson joined the Dodds on the way out – but not before Kelly could deliver one final blow to David: “No wonder why you cheated on your wife.”

This prompted Shannon to bring up a story she had once heard about Kelly’s affair. “Don’t talk to me about cheating – weren’t you cheating on your husband? I’ll never forget the story about the girl making out with her affair in front of their neighbor. It was you. So don’t you dare talk to me about having affairs, you scumbag.”

Kelly denied the incident, but she still left the party spewing insults Shannon’s way. “I don’t attack people but when people attack me? Bring it on,” she said. “Those girls were mean to me out of nowhere.”

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“I have had a lot to drink, but I feel like Shannon set me up tonight,” she continued. “Apparently her friends were talking bad about me, and they didn’t like me for whatever reason, and she was in cahoots with them. I don’t care who they are – they had it on me. They had a motive they had ammunition. That’s so sad. She tried to hijack me!”

Whether Shannon was trying to set up Kelly remains to be seen – but next week, the two will try and work it out over lunch. Jaci and Nina probably won’t be joining them.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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